Saturday, September 20, 2014

Everyone's Doing It #ALSIceBucketChallenge

At least its for a good cause (and man, Veda's reaction was priceless).  

Summer Waterslide Fun

A few weeks ago, we had our friends Jen and Steve (and their kids Jack & Sydney) over to play.  Kathy made a big Costco purchase (without dad's permission) and here is the result.  Quite a contraption, but I will say they loved it, especially Winston.  

Winston Drives Grandpa Gary's Boat

In typical Winston fashion, he couldn't quit talking about the boat ride.  Not sure he realized he was actually driving, but he indeed was...always a good time.

Baseball in the Backyard with Didi

Veda & Adele Reenact 'Frozen'

This movie has been watched hundreds of times in our home, to the point that both Veda and Adele have every word memorized.  This is the best part about having a sister, someone to audition with...Adele's response is priceless...

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Daddy's Little Girls

Mom had Winston duties, so Dad got to take the girls on a date to the new movie, Earth to Echo (kind of an modern rip off of ET).  Afterwards, we went to Steak 'n Shake for what else, shakes!  My camera died or else I would have a ton of great shots of Adele devouring her Mint + Oreo shake.  Her eyes were so big as she was eating it, you'd think it was the first time she'd ever eaten sugar.  Veda's quote on the ride home...'Sometimes things taste really good on your tongue, but they don't feel good in your tummy'.

Anyway, mom was not impressed, and we found out why about 10 min after we got home...Adele literally turned into a gremlin, tearing the house apart from floor to floor with this little demonic look on her face...yep, sugar overload...maybe we will just split a shake next time?

Saturday, July 12, 2014


4th of July Fun in Clear Lake (Part 2)

Sunset pontoon cruises, trips to The Landing, fireworks, 4th of July parade and the annual Laabs Shrimp Boil.

4th of July Fun in Clear Lake (Part 1)

Fishing off the dock with Papi (caught a couple whoppers) and pontoon rides (with Veda's karate kick).

Winston's Sweet Ride

He's getting pretty good on the glider bike (near expert status).  The two girls never really used it much, but leave it to the boy in the family to figure out how fast you can go with no peddles, down hill.  This is a shot of him 'posing' for the camera at Nana and Bull's house.

Road Trip to Chicago

Kathy had a work meeting in Chicago, so we decided to drop in on our way to Iowa City.  Stayed at the Millenium hotel on Michigan Ave (which they kids really enjoyed - especially the swimming part). Went to Millenium Park and took our touristy pics at The Bean.

Niko's Trip to Cincinnati

The kids had a blast playing with Uncle Ryan's dog (actually Yuko's dog) at our house in Cincinnati. Pretty sure they would love a dog, but just not quite there yet..maybe when they are a bit older.

Birthday Party Face Painting

Boone County (Kentucky) Farm Tours

We had a fun trip down to Kentucky a couple weeks ago with the Boone County farm tours. The kids got to play around, found a giant moth, hayride, dog petting and all other kinds of fun stuff.

Father's Day Pics

Dave's Bachelor Party in Louisiana

Fun times reuniting with old college friends for Dave's bachelor party in New Orleans for one day and then down to Venice, LA for some deep sea tuna fishing.  Unfortunately the storm knocked us out of commission in about 2 hrs, but we still had a good time (minus the sea sickness).

New Patio!!

Finally, after many weeks of waiting, we have a finished patio.  Should be a good time this summer, especially the fire pit.

Here are a couple before pics, for us to reminisce about...