Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Adele's Birthday Party

Even though Adele's birthday isn't for a couple weeks, we decided to have her party before we left Minneapolis (so she could have one last day with all her buddies)...We did it at Edinborough Park and invited ALL of Adele's classmates.  Ended up having 22 kids...big crowd, but Adele had a blast.  She even scored a few more stuffed animals for her collection.  Was kind of amazing to see how perfect all of the gifts were for her.  Was pretty funny watching her open them all last night and the sheer amazement with every new present.  Guess her classmates and friends know her well.

Adele's New Dress


Winston's Hair

Winston got to spend the night at Didi and Papi's house last night.  Grandma Didi pulled out her old blow comb for some fancy hair styling (same thing she used to do with my hair when I was about Winston's age)...

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Barbie Dreamhouse at Mall of America

Took a quick trip to the Mall of America this morning (as Veda had been begging to go).  Lucky for us, they just opened up Barbie's Dreamhouse...little girl heaven.  While Adele couldn't get enough of the makeovers, dress up, pink boas, etc..Veda was pretty content being a spectator.  Adele is certainly going to be our girly, girl...Veda, not so much (which Kathy kinda loves)...

Dinner with Friends

The Union rooftop bar and then on to George & the Dragon for beers.

Corner Table Part 2

Our 2nd Annual tradition of going to Corner Table for the 12 course meal with our friends the Triggers and the Schwemms.  Another great time had by all, as seen by the before & after pictures.

Snow Day with Didi

Lots of snow this winter and lots of school cancellations.  Kathy had a quick trip up to Phoenix last week, so Didi came up to help with the kids for two days.  Got lots of time to play in the snow, play games and read books (with shades of course).

Star of the Day

Veda was the 'Star of the Day' this past week.  She insisted on wearing her 'Brace Yourself' orthodontist shirt she had won the previous day (for answering questions from the Dental lesson).

How Far is a Block?

Veda: 'Dad, I think I could walk to school, how far is it?'
Dad: 'About 3 blocks...'
Veda: 'What's a block?'
Dad: 'Well, see those green signs, from one sign to the next, corner to corner, is one block.'
Veda: 'Is that like Red Rover?'
Dad: 'No, Red Rover is a game, a block is a distance, like a mile or a foot'
Veda: 'Oh, well, I think it would be easier if you described it like Red Rover'

Race Cars at Home Depot

Another big day at the Home Depot.  Race cars, painting, sanding and glueing (not in that order)...

Up Close & Personal with Justin Timberlake

We had a great time at the Justin Timberlake concert on Feb. 9th with our friends Brandon & Nicole. Amazing seats that got us a really close look at JT as he sang a Michael Jackson song, 'Human Nature'.  Very cool...

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Olympic Intertube Jumping

The first (attended) run was successful, so I had confidence on run #2, so I sent her down alone to film it.  Not a good idea....

Locksmith Training

Winston's newest talent.  We used to lock the door from the inside (to keep Winston out) and hung the key to pick it on the door frame (so only Veda could reach it).  Guess we need a new plan...

Winter Camping in the Bedroom

Sledding Fun in Mpls

Fun day of sledding, well mostly for Adele and Winston.  Veda was digging the long walk up the hill after each run.  

Day #4 in SoCal - Rose Bowl Parade + Game

We were lucky to score some great seats for the Rose Bowl parade from our friend Ray, who works at Bank of America in Pasadena on Colorado Blvd. (front row seats from his office).  From there, Jonathan and Todd went on to the Rose Bowl game.  Was a great outcome for John (and the Big Ten Conference).

Day #3 in SoCal - Visiting Friends & Family in Camarillo

Was great to see Cousin BJ, Savannah and Connor during our stop back in Camarillo.

Day #2 in SoCal - Disney Land

Day #2 in SoCal was a trip to DisneyLand or as Kathy calls it 'Where's the Magic?'.  Despite an extremely busy day (with 90+ min waiting lines), we had a blast.

Small World 
Jungle Cruise 
Kathy really loved Space Mountain