Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Baby update

Just returned from the Dr. The best part about the appointment was that I lost a pound and a half. I don't know how that's possible considering how much I eat but apparently it's true. Unfortunately I found out that there is no progress in baby's entry into the world. She must be super comfy in there because he said she's still sitting up high and there is no indication that labor is in my near future. He's predicting that it will be sometime around my due date. So... sit and wait time - boo.


We had an earthquake today as I'm sure you've heard by now if you've watched any of the news channels. I thought it was stong here in Camarillo and we are a good 75 miles from the epicenter. The phones are down but I was able to email Todd and his office is closer and he said they had cracks in their building and the floor rippled. I was standing at the time and thought I was having another pregnancy fainting spell - it didn't take me long to figure out what was going on and I ran to the dining room to hold up the buffet where all my glassware is. I suppose standard procedure is to run outside??? Scary stuff - not quite as bad as a tornado in Iowa though!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


So, last night we went to see Kevin Costner and his band perform for free in downtown Ventura with BJ and Melissa. He apparently grew up in Ventura and decided to do a concert to promote his new movie "Swing Vote". His singing was about as entertaining as his movie "Waterworld", but had the crowd of an Obama rally in Berlin...guess they love their hometown guy? Of course Kathy disagrees with my review of his performance.....you can decide for yourself?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Imelda Marcos...

I just want to report that my friend K (who shall remain nameless for her sake) told me that she read my post about the baby's shoe collection and thought they were cute but didn't know who the designer Imelda Marcos was so she didn't know if that was a big deal or not that I had Imelda Marcos shoes....???? Hummm. I'm betting there are a few of you out there who know who K is - don't you - ha ha.

Rub Down

I travelled to Eagle Rock to spend the evening with J&C since Todd was still overseas. We had dinner in Pasadena and then C arranged for pregnancy massages at their house... awesome! I was disappointed to learn that there are very few places the masseuse was willing to rub for fear she would send me into labor... I tried to explain to her that it would really be just fine now that I'm technically full-term... I think she spent a little more time on my feet than she would have as a compromise. The best part is that C stole her from Burke Williams (a super fancy chain of LA spas) and so getting her services at home cost us only half of what we would have paid! C you Rock!


I don't watch the local news here and I've figured out why... tonight the lead story was Brittany and KFed's custody deal. It's so bizarre to turn on the radio to get the traffic report and hear that we should avoid the 101 S because of the X files premire. Oh wait... the news is still on and now they are talking about Brangelina.... and now... I am not kidding.... an update on the Bachelor London Calling - the announcement of the break-up between Shane and Matt. I have to believe that there are more important things going on in LA - like gang violence and the homeless - but shockingly they get little pub. I'd rather get my gossip from TMZ than the local news...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Todd's Abroad

Todd's in Switzerland all week for work. We were a little nervous about his trip - you never know if the baby could decide to come three weeks early! His flight went well - P&G employees get to fly business class when they travel internationally - pretty fancy - he got to sit in those seats that recline all the way like beds. I just spoke with him and he's bored in his hotel room. There are only a few English TV channels and they are all London news... he was watching cages being built for Rhinos somewhere in England? Everything is expensive over there... a hamburger costs $35 and if he wanted to order an in-room movie it would be $23 - and that's for a PG film;)))

I had a Dr. Appt yesterday. Nothing exciting to report. The Dr. ordered blood tests because I've been having headaches but he doesn't think it's anything serious. Unfortunately, there wasn't any discussion about the actual delivery. I start going once a week now so hopefully we'll make some progress next week. I'm headed to Eagle Rock this evening to hang with C&J - Can't wait for an evening out of the house!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Our good friends Jon & Christina, Steve & Jennifer, and Megan paid us a visit this weekend. My cousin's wife threw me a shower on Saturday so everyone came up for dinner on Friday night. J&C spent the night because they live all the way in Eagle Rock (which is near Pasedena) and Megan lives in San Diego. I forgot to take a photo at dinner but here are some other pics of the group from a recent night out in Hollywood. When told that we would be having a shower at the house my cousin's four year old son said... "but she could use our bath instead." Smart child.

Imelda Marcos?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

6 lbs

Cranshaw melon = Crenshaw melon Notes: This large, popular melon is a cross between the Persian and Casaba melons. According to my babycenter.com weekly updates the baby now weighs in at 6 lbs - the weight of this specific melon. Four weeks to go.

Venti Skinny Decaf Please

Everyone always asks me what I've been craving during this pregnancy and the truth is - not much. I will admit however that I've put my thriftiness aside lately and have become a regular at Starbucks. I'm not a huge fan of milk so I figure my morning latte gets me my daily dose of much needed calicium - and yes mom - it's decaf. It also gets me out of the house first thing in the morning. I'm normally travelling at least every other week and now that I'm grounded at home I'm working hard to maintain my sanity. Any excuse to leave the house helps!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Todd had research tonight in Santa Monica which means he won't be home until about 11 so I decided to enroll in one of the many prenatal classes available at the hospital. This one focused on caring for your baby once you bring it home. I learned I have a lot to learn. I guess we are suppose to be reading/talking to the baby by now. Todd will be excited when he gets home from his long day of work and I assign him to nighttime story telling;)) I also learned that the five dudes that were in the class can pamper and swaddle a baby much better than I! Maybe we should have gotten a dog instead.

Speaking of dogs. Todd's sister sent us this link http://www.arizonapugrescue.com/. There is a pug named Barkley that needs to be rescued but the only catch is that he likes to eat rocks so he needs a home with a rockfree yard. Funny.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Five weeks to go.... she's running out of room in there!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sweet Moves...

As Kathy said, last night was our first "birthing class" at the hospital...I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but it was actually quite entertaining. Aside from the extremely graphic movies, I learned some really sweet moves. The picture above demonstrates one of the common positions for "pushing." I actually thought it was quite reminiscent of my college days dragging roomates home from the bar, assuming it wasn't me being drug. This was only one of the interesting positions, the other one was the "fireman's carry" that I learned back in Jr. High wrestling class...I knew those classes would come in handy one day.

The Fireman Hold

We had our first birthing class last evening. Todd was having way too much fun. Many of the breathing positions reminded him of highschool wrestling holds and he was quick to point them out. I think his favorite is the fireman hold - I'm glad I can't demonstrate that one for you and I hope Todd doesn't get the opportunity to try it out on me... he's just looking for an excuse. The hospital was very nice. Someone told me yesterday that they are going through renovations in the maternity wing and that when her friend delivered there two weeks ago she had to share a room. That is not going to be cool with me so we'll be inquiring about that during our hospital orientation on Sat morning!

When we got home from our class Todd surprised me with this fabulous "pregnancy present" to be used to help me time my contractions. He's a keeper!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Baby Furniture

I'm especially proud of our super bargains in the baby furniture department. I discovered Craigslist.com and out here in LA it is pretty popular. It's like a garage sale online. We bought our crib and mattress for $200 and the furniture for the baby's room for $55!!!! We spent another $45 on all the paint and materials to spiff things up and we also bought new handles for the dressers. Here are a few preview pics... we still have a few more things to do.

28 lbs

Had another Dr's appointment yesterday. I'm up to 28 lbs. Awesome. I feel it in my hips. I guess the only benefit of the weight is that everytime I walk I'm giving my legs a work out;) I'll have some big cows by the time all of this is over. Five weeks to go. We have our first birthing class tomorrow night and then we tour the hospital on Sat and pre-register. Probably a good thing that we get to the hospital this week as Todd has never been there and doesn't even know where it is. I Mapquested it once and drove by it just in case...;)

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July weekend in Iowa - against Dr's orders...

We travelled back to Iowa for the festivities. Of course my Doctor told me I wasn't allowed to travel after June 15th but I wasn't about to sit at home in California by myself. The flights weren't as horrible as some of my previous trips have been. The fatter I get the harder it gets to breath and I have to make many trips to the bathroom on the flight which isn't always convenient!

Todd's sister had her wedding reception in Clear Lake on the 5th so we spent the week at the lake with Todd's family and then partied with close to 200 of their friends! I didn't get to play in all the reindeer games (boating, testicle toss (he he), late night golf cart rides, golf and closing down the tiki bar) but I did get to shuck the corn;) We enjoyed Gary Laabs' annual shrimp boil and just the good life at the lake. Really can't wait to get back next year... my year!!! We also made an appearance in Iowa City with Ma and Pa Sayre... and an unexpected overnight in Minneapolis with little Cade Sherman when we missed our flight at LAX. What a treat!