Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Ehlers are Here!

Aunt Kelly and Uncle Chris are in town and the brought along the Green Label for Veda. See sweet Veda can hold her own bottle - she's a little advanced;) And cutie Veda in the blanket Mrs. Fisher made! The Pic of Todd on the stairs is pretty funny because he had just gone up to change her diaper and was on his way down the stairs when we heard her do a number 2! Todd paused on the stairs while trying to decide if he should go up for another changing or let her sit in it for a while. He opted for a clean change.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Technical difficulties...

Sorry blog lovers... we've been having trouble with our wireless network so things have been too slow to get photos uploaded. Here are a few more since the last post... will try to get things working again so we can post pics of Kel and Chris' visit - they arrive tonight - we can't wait! Pics above are Grandpa Bull with Veda and Veda's first night out at dinner - she slept the entire time;))

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I hate the umbilical cord. It grosses me out and I've been afraid to change Veda's diaper for fear the thing will fall off when I take off her diaper. Luckily it did fall off this morning while Todd was changing her. It's been bleeding for the last few days and stinks pretty bad. The Dr. said to just keep drying it out with alcohol. It looks so painful but I guess it bothers me more than it bothers her - thank goodness it is gone! I can't believe my Mom saved my umbilical cord from when I was a baby - ick!

Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday Dad! Veda helped with the present opening - wearing her "I'm Cade's Girlfriend" onesie;) Dad got cash from the parents and a Wii. He's really looking forward to Kelly and Chris' arrival later this week so he has a buddy to play his new game with.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Giddy Up

She's official now. Her very own pair of pink Ropers. Grandma and Grandpa Laabs couldn't resist when they visited the Iowa State Fair over the last two weeks. Todd grew up at the fair showing cattle so it is only appropriate that Veda should sport the fair attire and boots. Aren't they just the cutest things ever - I can't wait until she fits into them!! Now she is officially a Laabs - she certainly looks like one. Grandma Laabs says she looks just like Todd's baby pics!

Here's a photo of Nana Sayre helping to give her a bath. We moved the operation to the bathroom where it would be warmer - what a production!

Also - I've received a number of emails and calls inquiring about how to pronounce Veda. It's pronounced Vayda - not Veeda.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Out of Towners

Grandpa Bull and Nana Sayre rolled into town today. Veda and I surprised them by joining Todd on the ride to the airport. Nana was pretty excited and stared at Veda the entire way home. My Mom went straight into caretaker mode - she insisted on folding the laundry and learning Veda's routine so she could help with changing and the like. We have my Dad helping too and in addition to making himself useful by slicing pastrami, etc... we can always count on him for a minute by minute update on the Cubs' game. One of his first questions was whether we get WGN. Tomorrow is their anniversary - 37 I think? Congrats to you both!
Vedaism of the day... when she has a nightmare that scares her awake she throws her hands and feet in the air and shows us her jazz hands;)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sacrificial "Cow"

WARNING! - not for those with a weak stomach.

I have heard all the stories about little boys who shoot pee when you are changing them, but I thought we were going to miss out on that fun stuff. Well, last night I was changing Veda (doing my husbandly duties) and clearly taking my sweet time cleaning her up. Just as I was about to put the diaper back on, she blasted out a projectile poop to the tune of about 5 feet. Yes, no exagerations, it was literally 5 feet. I have a little stuff cow to prove it. He was the victim of a poop bombing! Sorry Cow?!?!

Veda is one week old!

Last night was great! Still fighting a fever but we gave up on the bassinet - she was not having it - and moved the "Close and Secure Sleeper" into bed with us. Bingo! She slept from 12:30 to 7:30 with just one break at 3 am for feeding, burping, and changing that ended at 4. I woke refreshed with just 6 hours of sleep and then took another late morning nap. THANK YOU to Joe and Heather for making sure we had this necessity and to Betsi for making sure I had it on my registry. Let's hope night number two goes as well. It's tight in the bed but I'm willing to sleep with my rearend hanging off the side if it means I actually get to sleep.

I wasn't feeling so hot come dinner time but I did have an appetite for the first time in a week so Todd brought me dinner in bed. Macaroni and Cheese with Kielbasa and grilled peanut butter and jelly and a big glass of cold milk. Some of my childhood favorites. Wierd requests but Todd made it anyway and he made himself a hamburger - ha ha. At the Dr. yesterday I learned I've already dropped 17lbs of my 29 lbs of pregnancy weight. I'm pretty sure I just put at least 5 back on!

Here's a pic of her on her surf board for tummy time and a pic of her in her Auntie Janice Loves me onesie that she wore until she peed on it while I was chaning her around noon. For the record, she also pooped on me today. We've found that if we dilly dally during changes we are likely to get a second helping so we have to be on guard;)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Day 3 of No Sleep....

Big Day. Veda had her first Dr. Appt. It was really just a weigh in. She is at 7lbs 11oz which the Dr. was quite happy about. We were scolded for admitting to not having tummy time with her yet - I don't know when we'd have time for tummy time - we are just trying to fit in feeding, sleeping, and pooping time! Here's a pic of Todd in the waiting room at the Dr. office. Veda also got a bath today. We tried a little one yesterday and got peed on ; ) I had a Dr. Appt too. The Dr. wanted to see me because of my fevers. He sent in for some tests and we should hear back tomorrow - he thinks it might be related to the Tetnus shot they gave me right before I left the hospital on Friday. I just hope he figures it out and gives me some more meds because it's bad enough being up all night and tired - having the aching chills too makes it almost unbearable.

Last night our friends Geoff and Lori came with gifts and dinner... they brought Veda her first tummy time "surf board"; ) Geoff thought it was only appropriate given that she is a southern cal girl. Another excellent visit with friends and much appreciated. We were pampered and just sat on the couch while they served us!

Auntie Melissa (my cousin's wife) also stopped by today and gave me some much needed help with some equipment - I won't go into it here;) Melissa - we forgot to get your pic with Veda!!
Take note of the picture of Todd holding Veda with her legs up in the air. She's usually wrapped in a blanket so we haven't noticed that her legs still pop up when they aren't bound. A result of months in the womb with her feet above her head. The Dr. has asked us to continue to double layer her with diapers to keep her legs tight and pointed downward. It's hard enough getting one diaper on her...;)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Update Day 3 at Home

The last couple of days at home have been an adventure. Todd has been taking care of all of the cooking, cleaning, and diaper changing. I'm really quite amazed. We decided he's making up for the last 4 years of our relationship all at once! Really - I am very lucky to have such a helpful husband;)

We've made it through the nights but last night was a little rough because I was fighting a fever and the chills and couldn't get out of bed. Todd had to pull double duty. I called the Dr. thinking I might have an infection since my temp got up to 100.8. He said as long as I didn't have any major pain I was probably ok and by morning my fever had gone. Our friend Cory said it is probably hormonal hot flashes. Fun fun.

Our friends Steve and Jennifer brought over dinner last night. Bruschetta, salads, lasagna, dessert, wine, champagne, AND cigars for the boys. They went above and beyond and we can't thank them enough. Especially in the absence of family near by these visits from friends are really appreciated. Our neighbors also have stopped by to see bean and bring gifts - it's good to know we have help close by if we need it.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Home sweet home

Yesterday was a big day. Lots of visits from Drs. and nurses at the hospital before we were discharged. Insurance would have allowed us to stay until Sat but Mom was getting restless. When I settled down for sleep in my bed at home I was desperately missing the electric adjustments of the hospital bed, the built in light switch, and the TV that hangs from the ceiling and adjusts to any position (see photo of Todd;). Luckily Todd has been a good stand-in as nurse - running up and down the stairs to refill my water and grab this and that - so far no complaints;)

Veda is eating very well and making lots of diapers - we have become expert changers. Her umbilical cord is a little pussy so we are watching that closely and have already talked to the Dr. We hope to avoid a trip to urgent care if we can. Yesterday I bit off her finger nails while she was sleeping. We were told to avoid the clippers as the chances were pretty good that we would take the tops of her fingers with the nails. She didn't seem to mind my nawing on her hands;)) She is not a fan of the little mittins so it was necessary;) We've also discovered that she loves to look out the window. Her chaning table is next to the window and we've positioned her bassinet so that she can gaze outside as well - she seems mezmorized by the light - it's quite cute. We might try a bath later and some tummy time as long as the umbilical cord won't rub against anything.
Pictures are of our going home adventure and one of Uncle BJ's visit to the hospital.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Veda's Debut Movie...


Trademark Infringement....

So, I think I have a case here. I know Louis Vuitton has been using this for years, but I ran it by Kathy and we definitely think it's more appropriate for Veda. Maybe she will be like Prince and just go by a symbol instead?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


"Bean" born at 2:46pm PST today. She weighed 8lbs. & 2oz. and was a little over 20" long. Kathy handled it like a champ despite the last minute curveball from the doctors. After 8 hrs of labor, our doctor determined that "the Bean" was breach which required a last minute C-section. Both Mom and "Bean" are doing well and are resting at the moment.

...and no, I am not trying to be cute by continuing to call her "Bean"....we are still negotiating a name and should have an update tomorrow. Can't share all the fun at once!

Tidal Wave....

Kathy's water broke at 2am last night, so we headed to the hospital to begin the fun. I was sure happy that I stayed up till 1am watching the US Men's Gymnastic team waste away their silver medal to eventually win bronze. This pretty much ensured that we were both as tired as possible. Should be a good taste of what the next couple months will be like.

Kathy's fine now...she tried to take the high road and go without an epidural for oh, about 30 min. worth of contractions. Now she's good and ready to take on the labor process. Since her water broke before she started having contractions, the dr. said it would probably be a while till she was ready, at least 6-8 hrs. More to come.....

Monday, August 11, 2008

Which is stronger?

Todd made a lemon chicken dish for dinner the other night. The recipe (compliments of Kel and Chris) called for the chicken to be pounded to thin patties. In absence of a meat tenderizer we opted for a can of lima beans. I returned to the kitchen later to notice that the can was smashed but that it was the garbanzo beans instead. When I asked Todd what happened he said that he smashed the lima beans and thought the garbanzo beans would be stronger. Makes sense - right????? We bought a meat tenderizer at target the next day.

Friday, August 8, 2008


Yesterday we received an overnight package from Todd's parents... real Iowa sweet corn from his Aunt's farm. I'm so excited I'm going to go eat some right now;)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I can't really add much to Kathy's pregnancy comments, so I thought I would pass on my great discovery of the's an iPig to dock your iPod. Sweet huh! You can control the volume by touching his ears?
With all the comotion going on, you might have forgotten it's my birthday soon? Hint, hint?

Monday, August 4, 2008


Another Dr. Appt and another report that NOTHING is happening. "I'll see you next week," my Dr. says with a cheery grin. Ughhh.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

12 days and counting

I'm growing quickly - have I dropped? Brooke and Kelly posing with the going home outfit... a onesie Grandma Laabs made at my baby shower that says "welcome to our world, love Grandma."

Weekend visitors

Todd's sister Kelly and our good friend Brooke were in town from Scottsdale this weekend. We had a great time and are already missing them! We love it when people come visit. Friday we ate at Neptunes in Malibu and then spent a relaxing evening with my cousin and friends at their campsite on the beach. BJ serenaded us all night long - for those of you that were at our wedding you know what a treat this was! Saturday our good friend Christina (due in Oct with twin boys) had a baby shower and in perfect Soria style... a baby shower after party at their pool- the pregnant ladies made sure everyone else was having fun by serving up the jaeger shots;) Brooke and Kelly helped me pack my hospital bag and pick out the baby's coming home outfit. Good times. Who's coming to see us next?!