Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When You Find A Manatee In Your Bathtub

When you find a manatee in your bathtub
Playing with your toys, making lots of noise and causing trouble
And he's washing his big flippers and using all your soap
And filling up your tub with giant bubbles, say

Please Mr. Manatee don't tickle me
I'm as ticklish as a kid can be
I won't tickle you if you won't tickle me
And we can play together

Please Mr. Manatee while your in my tub
We should sing the song that goes rub a dub dub
Rub a dub dub a manatee is in my tub
And life couldn't be much better

(My favorite song from the Sea Tunes for Kids CD my Aunt Di sent - They also have Bear Tunes for Kids, Moose Tunes for Kids, MooseBeary Jam, Cow Tunes for Kids, and Beary ChristMoose - he he! AND... the sales of these CDs support Beyond Borders, a non-profit org which provides educational opportunities to some of Haiti's poorest children)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

11 weeks today...

I thought I would see if she could hold her own weight - her legs are pretty strong. Of course she fell over eventually and it freaked her out. At this rate she will be walking at 8 months - just like her Dad;)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Shin splints

We finally took the jogging stroller out and put it together. Todd suggested that I go for a run. I don't know if I appreciated the suggestion but I did it anyway. I went for a run again today. I can't hardly walk across the room now. Veda loved it!

Blogger update

By popular demand... I've changed the settings on the blog so that you can post a comment without having an account or having to sign in. You can pick Anonymous when you click on the comment section to post. Just be sure to add your name in the text so we know who you are!

Hello? Is Veda there?

This past week she started to pick up toys and move them around. This is not a staged photo... so funny!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Veda's first trip to the beach

My cousin's family and friends were camping on the beach off the PCH this weekend so we went for a visit. The picture above is of my cousin's four year old. They also have a 10 month old. We were talking about the color of the babies eyes and which parent they came from. Someone asked C where he got his brown and blue eyes and he said the Internet. He's such a ham.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thumb sucker

One of my co-workers came to stay with us on Wednesday night. She is working her way up the coast visiting California schools. It's funny that she lives in South Carolina and works the state of California and I don't. I find it even more irritating that I have to take a test to get licensed to sell insurance in the State of California when 1) I don't really sell insurance and 2) I don't work with anyone in the State of California. I have to take this test by the end of the year and I have to drive to downtown LA to take it. I will most likely put this off until the very last minute as I try to figure a way out of it. Oh and Veda is sucking her thumb now;)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Funny (I think so anyway)

So I'm cleaning up my email and found this note I sent to my co-workers while I was in labor. I think it's hyterical because I distinctly remember having a pretty severe contraction while I was typing it. Notice my grammacal errors... ha ha. I was in too much distress to double check my typing;))

Hi – I’m in labor – and yes I’m emailing. Todd has pointed out how ridiculous this is so you don’t have to but I’m bored! Water broke at 2am they just started me on Patocin (spelling?) so things should start moving along here. I’m sure it will be a long day. Will keep you posted. Here is the updated contacted sheet (DC please updated on S drive). We’ll send pics once she arrives for you to share with interested client. K

Monday, October 20, 2008

Adios Iowa

I'm going to steal a line from J Bird and tell you that our Love Buckets are Full! We've had such an amazing trip to Iowa and our so glad that so many of our friends and family got to meet Bean;) We are sad to be leaving but so excited to see Todd!!! We've missed him so much!
We spent our last day in Iowa in Des Moines. While I was in my meeting, my Mom, Todd's Mom, and Great Grandma U spent the afternoon with Sweet Veda. Then on the way home we made a stop to visit Grandpa Ed and Aunt Jeanne.
We are at home packing. Somehow I thought we would go home with less than we came with... right... not going to happen. Mom had to get out her new toy... vacuum bags. Somehow the suitcase is still full even though we've sucked all the air out and now have a giant clothes sausage. I'm trying to remain calm about the flights home tomorrow and I'm just praying that everything goes as planned;) I'll let you know!
As I was reviewing my post I noticed something I should point out. In the picture with the Grandmas you will noticed that Veda's binky is tied to her head with a shoelace. She kept spitting it out so Mom and Diane got a shoelace from the clerck at TJ Max... they were pretty proud of themselves for thinking it up??! What will happen when I leave her with them for a week??? ha ha.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Funday

We missed not watching football with Todd today but we had a good time visiting with our friends Kim and Wyatt (in town from Cleveland) and their parents. Thanks for lunch Mr. H;)) We also enjoyed another visit from the B fam;) In the picture above my Dad and Brad are trying to "scientifically" determine whether Veda is left or right handed. The verdict is Right....???
We are getting ready for bed. Yet another big day tomorrow. We head to Des Moines because I have a meeting at Drake University and Veda is going to get some loving from Grandma Laabs who will meet us there;)) Then home on Tuesday to see Daddy!!

Goods times tailgating Iowa Style

Can you believe I babysat these two???!!!

It was a long day but a great one that started with a Bloody at 8am compliments of Mr. Sherman. It made me miss Iowa more than I can tell you. It also made me miss Sweet Veda more than I call tell you. She stayed home with Nana and Grandpa Bull and I could hardly handle being away for her for 12 hours so I declined to join my friends for a night on the town so I could go home and snuggle with her;))

Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday - Big Day

6am - Veda wakes to be fed

7am - Nana Sayre comes in to get Veda so Mom can get some rest

9am - Dear friend J calls me to ask if I'll participate in a photo shoot for a Bagolitas commercial - I need to be there at 10:30

10:30 - photo shoot

11 - rush home to get Veda and wrap presents for lunch

11:30 Lunch at the Vine with J, Ms Mayham, Mama C, and my two friends and their newborns (barely 2 and 3 weeks old - so so cute)

1pm - Rush over to the Alumni Association to see Auntie Sue because we missed her yesterday

Home at 2:30 - Quick batch of laundry and off to run errands - had to buy a sweater for tomorrow and I went to Kohls... I never shop there but I went on a tip from a friend. I have to say that you must check out the Vera Wang line. Great clothes - great prices;)

4pm - Veda is fed and gets a bath in the sink... it kind of worked

5:30 - Over to BFFs to meet up with her husband and in-laws who had just arrived and take pics with my friends and their kids

7:30 - home with Veda to watch Legally Blond II with Mom and Aunt Diane while snuggling with Veda in bed;)

10:30 - Bed time - have to get up early for tailgating - woo hoo - go hawks!

More friday pics...

More from yesterday...

Ao I'm trying to get caught up on the reporting of our activity. Yesterday was a busy busy day. After the Alumni Association by BFF BBS came over with her mother and cutie patootie son. Then we made a visit to see my dear friend J and my "neice" and "nephew." They were big fans. See the pic of Veda above sitting in the new Bagolitas chair from their NEW kids furnishings line. Check it out at - it does not disappoint;)
After all of that I made a late night visit to see my college roommate who had arrived into town with her husband and son. I didn't get any pics;((( Whew - I'm beat.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Alumni Association Visit

We had a busy morning. I got up early to feed Veda and shower before my conference call. Then we headed over to the Alumni Association to see all of Mom's friends. We even got a diaper change on Emily's office floor;) I forgot my camera but good thing we there was a graphic designer on hand to snap some shots. Thanks LeaAnn. We are now at home anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Aunt Diane and Richard from the DC area. I'm headed to the dentist too because I love my Dentist in Iowa City so much that I didn't change when I moved so I just make appointments when I back in town;)))
Notice Veda is wearing her Hawkeye colors... or I guess you could say they are Cyclone colors too but whatever;))

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We're here!

We made it and averted any major disasters. We almost had one at Ohare. We went to board the plane and we kindly told that we had been taken off the flight. I burst into tears and I foresaw an evening in Chicago with my two month old screaming daughter and no luggage. I should have known better and should have kept my calm... they kicked off one of the stand-by passengers to give my seat back. Whew. I was embarassed but relieved. She slept through both of the flights and was a total doll. The flight attendants and passengers seated nearby were all eagar and willing to hold her while I used the restroom, rearranged my luggage, etc... Everyone was so nice and helpful and I never carried my own bags;) I had someone snap a photo to capture her first flight. Yes - I am as tired as I look! I am currently working on finishing a bottle of wine - I needed it. My best friend Betsi came over to meet Veda tonight for the first time and we are looking forward to a fun weekend and getting our kids together. I'll post more about our weekend adventure as it unfolds!
This other random photo was taken on Sunday Funday. We took Veda to watch Sunday football at Bjs bar and resturant. I thought it was cute.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fire fire fire

I've been sitting at my computer in my third floor office watching helicopters fly by all day. They just keep coming one after another. I've learned how to tell the apart and I've seen the Sherrif, TV crews, and a series of water dumpers. Some have hoses that stick out and some are carrying big barrels of water (or maybe it's fire retardant?). Anyway - it's erie. I went for the mail today and there was a faint smell of smoke but we've had much worse. The fires are about 30 minutes away this time. Our friend's parents live in the development that is currently threatened. Hopefully casa de Soria is well protected! In the time I wrote this three flew by! Nuts.

Ready, set, go...

So I am all packed and ready for the big trip to Iowa tomorrow. I had to get the house in order too in case there are any showings and get my paperwork together for a meeting in Des Moines on Monday... sigh... I'm ready for tailgating! I was getting nervous about our seats on the plane because the only open seats on the long flight to Chicago were window. I've been checking every hour to see if an aisle seat opened up and it did! Hooray! I think it will be much easier to deal with Veda if I can get up and walk around with her. I'm walking around the house with her in the Baby Bjorn trying to decide if I take that or the Moby wrap. The wrap is more comfortable but the Bjorn is easier to take on and off... I'm already having nightmares about going through security with people yelling and throwing things at me because I'm taking too long - ha ha!

I will post pics of Veda on the plane when I can!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


So I haven't posted for several days because I can hardly keep my eyes open. I started back to work on Wed. My team was having meetings back in Columbus (EST) so I joined in by phone starting at 5am (my time 8am EST) on Wed and Thurs. The call went for 9.5 hours on Wed. Veda was great and pretty much just slept through the entire thing although she did lie awake and stare for a couple hours. I think she was mesmorized by the speaker phone. Anyway - here's a pic of Veda at work with Mommy;)

Thursday night when I was the most tired, Veda decided to wake up every single hour on the hour! Very unlike her so I was really hoping that we hadn't turned a corner. Last night she slept for 8 hours and then went to back for another 2 after her feeding so I'm sure it was just a fluke.

She is getting really chubby and she has a cold so she snorts like a pug that can't breath. Scares me a little but it's also pretty funny.
We are going to a party tonight. Todd made a friend at jury duty last week and she is having several couples over tonight to play old school beer games (beer pong, quarters, tippy cup, etc...). We are bringing Veda so I guess I won't be drinking much but Todd suggested we could take a cab. Not with a baby dear...????

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Veda's Print Advertising Debut....

So, as many of you may know, I work on Sebastian (the professional hair care brand for you non-hair people). Over the last year and a half I have been leading the total brand relaunch as well as a new advertising campaign that just launched in North America in July.

So, when I was in NY this week, my wonderful agency partners at SelectNY (who lead our new advertising campaign), gave Veda a nice little gift....It's her own Sebastian ad! (yes, that's her in the little pink wig). I've uploaded the original as well so you can see how great they adapted to Veda's look : ) You have to click on the picture to see the details and fully appreciate the work.
And yes, she got to keep the wig!

Thanks again guys rock as well...

Monday, October 6, 2008

It's raining babies!

Congrats to our friends Mitch and Kristin and Shelia and Brad. Both welcomed their babies into the world this week. I can't wait to get back home to Iowa next week to meet them. We are so glad everyone is healthy and happy. All our best!

And Mike and Anne too! We just got the news of their little man's arrival today... only a couple more to go... Em you're next!

You think I'm funny? Funny how? Funny ha ha?

Todd captured some pretty animated moments of Veda. We have a video too if I could just figure out how to get in uploaded?? A couple of you might recognize this tupperware. It belongs to you. These were left behind when our friends brought us dinner after Veda was born. Todd entered the house the other day with the grocery bag that I had hand delivered to his car about 7 weeks back so that he wouldn't forget to give the items to his friends at work. He told me he was returning the Tupperware. To which I replied "you are just now giving it back, I gave that to you weeks ago." He said, "No, I'm returning it to the house from my car." We disagree on the ownership rule of Tupperware. I believe that if someone brings you food in their Tupperware - that you return it - especially when it appears to be part of a set! He doesn't believe it holds any value. Apparently he just couldn't bring himself to take the Tupperware into the office and have that awkward moment between men when they have to sort whose Tupperware belongs to who. So Jen and Laurie - I hope you're reading this. I promise you will see it again!