Sunday, November 30, 2008

Last day in Mexico (8 of 8)

Todd did the posting this morning and clearly he didn't have much to say. That's where I come in;) It was a great trip but we were very ready to come home. We arrived on Monday and there must have been 2000 people at customs. Veda was our free pass to Go. They actually have security people that roam around and pull people out of line with babies and let you go to the front. It happened to us on the way home as well when we were faced with at least an hour wait in the ticketing line. So if you don't have a baby and you are going to Mexico... you might think about borrowing one;)
We took a shuttle to the hotel. As we suspected there weren't any seat belts for the car seat so I just held her tight in the baby bjorn - same on the way back. Other than that we didn't leave the resort. The resort was very very nice and we didn't worry at all about the water, etc... I still used the SteriPen to sterilize all the water I used for washing the pump, her bottles, and for her bath. It takes quite a while so I am happy to be done with that!
Veda made it through with flying colors... literally - on the last day her poo turned oscar the grouch green but we are happy to report that it's back to normal. She never seemed to feel uncomfortable though. We never would have thought that it would have been an issue but probably the worst part of the trip was the mosquitos. Todd got it the worst but Veda had little baby bites all over her head and arms. Again - she didn't seem to notice.
We worked out, laid by the pool, and played a lot of Euchre. Most of all we ate and drank, ate and drank, ate and drank. It would have been nice to get out and explore but we really didn't want to risk it with V. Probably being a little too cautious but that's ok - there will be many more trips to Mexico.
There was no Thanksgiving turkey as Todd referenced below - there was a turkey dinner at the resort but we opted for local fare. It did NOT feel like an American holiday. So that's that and we are home relaxing and enjoying our vacation from our vacation before we start the work week.

Thanksgiving Dinner in Mexico (7 of 8)

Veda certainly had her fill of turkey, proof is on the shirt.

Drinkin' a Beer with Grandpa (6 of 8)

I don't think Veda missed a Happy Hour the entire time we were down there...wait a minute...maybe that was grandpa.

That's Hot (5 of 8)

Check out the new swimsuit Veda was sportin' on the beach...she was a big fan (and the sun hat too).

Pet Monkey (4 of 8)

This actually has nothing to do with Mexico, but was a funny picture of Veda with her pet monkey who happens to live in her monkey pants pocket....New pants courtesy of Pat B. (thanks from Veda)....

Mexico is dirty... (3 of 8)

but Veda wasn't...there weren't baby showers, so the sink had to work instead....

Day 2 in Mexico (2 of 8)

Day 2 action....Veda and the Grandparents were pretty cashed out after a long day laying in the sun (and drinking Coronas)...

First Day in Mexico...(1 of 8)

So, we just got back from Playa del Carmen last night, but thought we would do a bit of a recap of Veda's activities in Mexico...
At first she wasn't lovin her new sun hat, but I think it started to grow on her throughout the trip (as you will see from some later photos)....
(All Mexico posts courtesy of Todd : )

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Turkey Time

I hate to say it but we'll be taking a time out from blogging while we vacation in Mexico this week with Todd's parents. When we get back I'm sure we'll have lots to post. Aunt Kel left this afternoon and Veda was not happy about it - we always look forward to spending time with her. Before Kel left we were playing around on the bed with miss V and she rolled over from her front to her back for the first time. I think she could go from her back to her front is she wanted to but I don't think she does.

I've also attached a pic of Veda and her 2nd cousin Savannah taken at dinner last night.
And a shout out to Grandpa Bull! Happy Happy Birthday tomorrow - we'll be thinking about you. Happy Turkey Day as well to ALL of you Bean Stalkers;)!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Operater Error by the Guest Blogger...

This afternoon we went to change Veda and couldn't find the velcro straps...its seems the Guest Blogger had a little issue with the diapers...they were backwards....Next time remember that Elmo goes on the front....

Friday, November 21, 2008

Ding, Ding, Ding - Round TWO! (from Auntie)

Day TWO, take ONE!

The day started out with Kath coming up to my room, asking if I wanted to go get 'snicker' (my other nickname for her)! I went downstairs, half asleep to see her smilin' away in her crib. I urge you - if you have the chance to see her in action in the morning - take advantage of of THE cutest things I have ever seen! She just looks up, smiling from ear to ear. I told Kathy that she is certainly not a Laabs if she's that happy in the morning...Todd and I are definitely not peaches in the morning! (We are night people!)

After talking (and again, I preface this with me thinking talking is her screaming in tune with me) - for an hour or so, we went downstairs and started the day.

I have to say, it wasn't one of her best days - she was grouchy today!! Lots of screaming and crying...I have never seen her this way!

About noon, we had the pleasure of Christina and Jonathan coming over - Todd & Kathy's friends! They brought their 2 baby boys - Alexander and Jacob! I have to tell you - I made me maybe wait a month or two longer to think about babies! Although they are very adorable - there were 3 babies in the house, doing their screaming thing...The moms (Kath and Christina) - were pros! Kudos to them!!

So, the crew left around 6 and I conned Kathy in to starting our craft project - yarn scarves! Some of you may see these in your stockings in a month, so I can't spoil the fun! Mine was not so great, Kathy's was above par! We are both wearing them right now!

With that, it's about time to sign off! Todd is making gourmet grilled cheeses - and we are about to put a movie in! I love it here...

hugs and kisses...

Kel, Veds, Todd and Kath!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The First Official Guest BLOG! Auntie Kelly!

Hellooooo World!

I can't even BEGIN to tell you how excited I am to be the first official 'guest blogger' on The Family Bean! Ryan - Kath did tell me that you will be crowned the 2nd official blogger in Dec - it's a sister/brother thing! (yah!)

Oh where to where to begin....Reminder! I did graduate with a journalism degree, so this could be a long one - grab you cup of coffee, Uncle Chris!

I landed in beautiful Burbank this afternoon to be greeted by the oh-so-beautiful Ms. Veda Rae and Kath! Come to find out, Ms. Veda has officially discovered her tongue...and...her thumb...and, to boot-- is 'sort of' talking now! I define talking as ramdomly screaming...but nevertheless, it's adorable!

From Burbank, I sat in the back with Veds (my nickname for her) and kept her company...she loves her car seat mirror and loves her thumb! She didn't utter a peep the entire way - what a model baby girl!

The evening consisted of my 'sister' Kath and I catching up...and going on a really loooong walk/jog! Kath swears it was only a few miles, but I think it was around 10! Veda was in her jogging stroller the entire time...She loves to stick her tongue out to 'taste' the air...SO SO cute!!

Ok - so that was followed by mucho wine, and a steak tonight! Who needs a job,when there's this much love and fun in California! I'm slowly but surely trying to convince them to move to Arizona...I can't stand life without my big bro, my sister...and now, my sweet Veda...

And, because this is my official BLOG OUT, I'm signing out to my PEEPS.....Hello grandma Uthof, I know you check the blog, and my wonderful hubbie - Chris (he's addicted to the blog - checks it 3-4 times a day!)...

Hugs and Kisses from Camarillo....

Kel, Veds, Kath and Todd!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

Just catching some zzz's. Aunt Kelly comes to town tomorrow. Sweet Veda is so excited to show her all her new tricks!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Dr. Report

The Dr's visit wasn't as bad as I though it would be. She only cried - well screamed - for about 20 seconds. After her fourth shot they gave her a dose of something orally that tastes sugary so she loved that and then stuck her thumb in her mouth and went straight to sleep.

The Dr. said she is growing well. She weighed in at 13 lbs and 8 0z. She is 24 1/2 inches long. She is 75% for height, weight, and her head. Very proportional!

I told the Dr. I was concerned about her getting shots because she had a bad rash and we are going to Mexico next Monday. He said she has Excema (not a rash) and that all side effects of the shots will be long gone by the time we leave. He clued me in on one of his favorite toys which is called a SteriPen. You put it in water and it kills all the bacteria using ultra violet light. I went ahead and ordered one for our trip. I'm still feeding Veda breast milk - but out of a bottle - so I was wondering how I would get sterile water in Mexico to clean all the equipment. He said it works so well that he would drink water out of the tap in Mexico if it had been treated with the pen. I don't think we'll be that bold but makes me feel better that we'll have it anyway.

I was also given the flu shot by Veda's Dr. The one without the preservatives that is safe for nusing mothers. He told me Todd needs to get one too so we don't pass on anything to the baby. I can't even get Todd to the Dentist but I'm hoping he will take the time to get his shot for Veda's sake. If you would like to help me push him alone - it would be appreciated;))

It's a Sad Day

Veda has to get her second round of shots in a couple of hours... I'm sad just thinking about it. I wish she was old enough that I could buy her an ice cream or something to make it all better. I hope she hasn't developed her memory yet so the anger towards me is short lived;) Here's a cute picture I meant to post last week. Every time I take her outside for a run or walk she sticks her tounge out - I think she is "tasting" the air. Funny. For those of you who are wondering... we aren't getting much smoke in our neck of the woods from the fires. There is hardly any wind today which is probably why because we are downwind from the fires and the Santa Ana winds usually drive right through our area. It was VERY smokey driving through Orange County yesterday on our way home though.

The weekend

So we survived San Diego and Veda got to play the Yazz Flute. The baby shower was beautiful and it was great to see old friends. I use to babysit for the girls in the photo and the other photo is with thier Mom. I guess you can't really call it babysitting since the kids were in highschool and college... I guess I was a house sitter who made sure that the house was safe from parties and that everyone was safe and IN the house at a decent hour. Ha ha.

After the shower we headed downtown. We stopped at a bar so Todd could have lunch and watch football and then walked around the Gaslamp District. I don't think I need to go back. There were lots of "druggies" hanging around and not a lot of good shopping. Just lots of resturants. I'm sure there are nicer areas of San Diego and maybe we will check them out next time - I'm ok with the beach cities up the coast. Megan came down to meet us. We went to dinner with Veda in tow and then headed back to the hotel to watch a movie - a cozy evening!

The next day we met Megan in Solana Beach for breakfast at a sports bar - so Todd could watch football - again. Then we stopped in Long Beach on the way home for a visit with my oldest and dearest friend Jackie and her girlfriend Gina. It was sooooooo good to reconnect. Again - Todd watched football while we had our visit. Are we sensing a pattern?
Then we got home around 3 but couldn't go home since the realtors were having an open house so we went to Jen and Steve's to - yes - you guessed it - watch football.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Going South

I received an email this morning from OnStar letting me know that my front left tire needs air. Seriously, how cool is that?! We are headed to San Diego tomorrow for my friend Lisa's baby shower and to visit Auntie Megan. I'll be sure to update my tire pressure before then - ha ha. We are going to stay at the Westin in downtown San Diego because neither of us have been to downtown San Diego and we want to tour around. Should be a fun time - I'll post pics of Veda on her adventure when we return. Here's a pic of her this morning sleeping peacfully in her car seat with her best friend for the day.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Favorite Things Post II

So it's been awhile since my first round of favorite things... and I've been particularly positive lately so lots of "things" are making me happy;) For instance:

1) California - I have been sour on the state for oh say - two years. I have to admit though... vehicle smog inspections, SDI tax, and earthquakes aside... this is not an alltogether bad place. For one, I get to take six weeks of paid leave in 2009 to bond with Veda. Crazy I know. I already took my paid disability from the pregnancy but California throws in this extra time to make sure you are really good at changing diapers;) I will take my first three weeks at the end of March and haven't decided when I even have time to take the other three. Also - it's November 12th and our neighborhood pool was jam packed with kids today after school. The park was the most happening place in the 93012. I'm so lucky that I can take Veda on my runs and that she can enjoy the fresh air. I'm pretty sure we couldn't do that in Iowa this time of year.

2) This is also related to number 1. The produce stands on the side of the road - everywhere. We live in an area where there is a lot of agriculture. I can't even tell you what kind because it changes all the time. Peppers, Onions, Strawberries, Oranges, Cabbage - you name it! Let's just say we live close enough that you can tell what they are harvesting on any given day because of the smell;) The produce stands have fresh fruit and veggies from the fields. I'm not completely convinced that some of it isn't shipped in from elsewhere - actually I know it is - because as my boss pointed out - they don't grow bananas on farms in California.

3)My job! I'm so very very lucky to be able to work from home and take care of Veda at the same time. I know it won't always be possible - as she grows up and becomes more demanding of my time it will be a problem. I am also lucky that my travel will allow me to bring Veda back to the midwest to spend time with the Grandmas and Grandpas that she otherwise wouldn't see very often. My boss, my boss's boss, and my boss's boss's boss - have been so supportive and understanding. I count my blessings everyday and it also makes me work twice as hard because I'm determined to show my appreciation through results;) I'm not trying to kiss ass here by the way - I'm pretty sure none of the aforementioned have time to read the blog;)

4) Blogging. Isn't this great? What an easy way to keep everyone up to date without clogging your inboxes with photos!
5)Our neighbors K and T! They love Veda and watched her the other night while we went to a movie! Hooray for that!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Buddy the Elf? No

So Veda has lots of names and we use them interchangeably. Buddy, Bean, Miga, Mr. Wiggleford, Johnny, Snickers (Aunt Kelly's) and Love Bug are the favorites. Todd generally uses Buddy, Johnny, and Mr. Wiggleford. I'm not entirely sure how she adopted these non gender neutral names but she seems to like them;)
Todd went in to check on Veda before he went to work this morning. He came back into the bedroom and asked if I had been in her room and if I moved her. I told him I didn't know what he was talking about it. So I went to see. I don't know how she did it but she had turned herself 180 degrees and was at the opposite end of her crib from where she started. Until now she has pretty much stayed put. As far I know she can't roll over so I don't know how she ended up in this position? Elves maybe? I guess I will have to remove all the no-no items from her crib now that they will be hazards. All the blankets, burp clothes, and toys will have to go because now she could end up with one of those in her face.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Licorice Tea Makes Buddy Strong...

Kathy drinks this awful tea every night before she goes to bed...makes the whole house smell like black licorice...she says it makes her milk come in which makes Buddy stronger....thats good enough for me. Todd

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Veda's Workout Plan

Here are some pics of Veda's daily activites. Tummy time - she can now lift her head without it bouncing around and it doesn't completely freak her out to be on her stomach as it did as recently as the last week. I rigged her little Wagamama bed into a play pen using the arches and toys from her baby einstein mat. She's been grabbing at the hanging toys and laughing at herself in the mirror. As you can see... this tires her out pretty quickly. In the photo where she is sticking her tounge out - Todd was sticking his tounge out at her and she started to mimic him- it was too funny. We'd start to laugh out loud and then she would laugh. She can completely hold her own weight but hasn't learned to bend her legs and bounce yet... and lastly, she is grabbing at her bottles and holding them while she eats. Hopefully she will learn how to hold the bottle herself which will free up some more time during the day for Mom and Dad;)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Random pics from the week

That's a six to nine month sleeper that she is wearing and she will be only three months old next Wed. One of the hand-me-downs from her cousin Savannah. She LOVES the sleepers now but they fit her just perfectly so I'm not sure how much longer she can wear them! She's getting harder to cuddle with too. She never wants to sit still. She is grabbing things and laughing now. She slept from 10pm to 8am straight last night. I'm feeding her more during the day to make up for the fact that she's not eating late night or early morning and she's having trouble keeping it all down so we are spending a lot of time cleaning up after the projectile vomiting - my shirt is wet most of the time;) It doesn't seem to bother her though - if anything - she thinks it's funny.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

McCain/Obama Election 2008

She's ticked off that they wouldn't let her vote... but I let her have the sticker;) Picture taken outside our polling place. I was relieved to arrive at 10am and find there was no wait. Todd waited in line for 45 min when he went at 7am. Last night I had to get out the election booklet that we received in the mail and study all the propostitions. I can't help but wonder what issues Veda will be voting on in 18 years. We voted on same sex marriage rights, a train system connecting northern and southern California, and also animal rights... among other things. I plan to take her with me every time I vote over the next 18 years so she understands the importance of having her voice heard- a great privilage which we should never take for granted!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fast forward

We have a hard time imagining what Veda will look like when she's older. My Dad scanned this photo of me as a babe... besides being a noticeably good eater I don't have any hair - like Veda. I think that's the only similarity. We have a photo of Todd a day after he was born which looks just like her but I can't figure out how to scan it.

Todd found this website where we could merge our photos to find out what our children would look like. Here's a photo of Veda... we'll see????