Sunday, June 28, 2009

A few more photos...

Fun at the Lake

We got in late yesterday. It was a LONG day on the plane! She just wants to see and touch everything and everybody. I'm NOT looking forward to the trip home with her on my own in four weeks.
Our friends Keegan and Jill drove up from Des Moines to meet us at Todd's parent's. We hired a babysitter so we could eat dinner in peace and take a boat ride around the lake. We woke this morning and went to church in the park. Very cool. Veda was as happy as could be - lots of kids to watch and play with. Then we went to brunch at a home accross the lake. I had eggs benedict pizza for the first time - YUM YUM YUM. Next time you stay at our house you're getting it for breakfast!

Friday, June 26, 2009

A Day to Remember

I remember when I was in grade school and we got cable. Our cable box had 36 channels (just like the one pictured above). I also remember when MTV first aired and that all the parents were in discussions about whether or not to let their children watch the videos that glamorized sex, drugs and questionable language. At least I'm guessing that's why they didn't want us watching it. At some point my parents must have given in because I have vivid memories of watching the Thriller and Billy Jean videos. I remember sitting for hours watching music videos. I also remember the excitement when Thriller came on - I'd scream for my brother and we would sit glued to the tube in awe and dance around trying to imitate the walking dead!

Last night on the news they were talking about how people remembered exactly where they were when they learned Elvis died and how this would be the same. I was walking Veda around 4:30 past the neighbors house. They had their TV on and I could read that there was breaking news and that it had something to do with MJ. No big shocker there. When I got home and turned on the TV I have to tell you that I felt very very sad and the first thing I thought of was his children. I think it's very unfortunate that with all the negative press he's gotten (deserved or not) that he probably didn't know how many fans he had out there and what an impact his death would have on everyone - including me.
Someday Veda will read this. You should also know that Farrah Fawcett passed yesterday as well. One of the original Charlie's Angels. She was only 62. I'm sure they will have remade the movie several times by the time you're my age;)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Real Story

Good job everyone! It was a turd in the tub however, not the pool - and it was Veda's. I guess I'm surprised we've gotten this far along without it happening before. I recognized that familiar face as I was getting ready to take her out of the bath and thought - no it couldn't be - but oh yes it could!!! Gross! I took a picture just to show Todd but I'm going to spare you that detail - I think this is enough talk about poo!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Movie Quiz

This is Todd, guest blogging today for Kathy...we had a funny little mishap today, but rather than showing a picture, I thought I would show you a couple movie clips (from one of my favorite movies) to give you a hint about what Kathy encountered today....the winner receives a special prize from Veda.

Please submit your votes via the comment section. Your prize will be in the mail shortly....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vanessa is my God!

This is Veda's babysitter. She LOVES her. She throws temper tantrums when Vanessa brings her home. I can't say that it bothers me because I'm so glad to know she is having fun. She comes every day to pick her up and then brings her back - talk about full service!

911 What's Your Emergency?

Veda is not allowed to play with the phone anymore. She has violated the terms of use. She called 911. I blame Blackberry because they have a function that allows you to push two bottons while in lock mode and automatically place an emergency call. The dispatcher on the other end obviously gets lots of calls from 10 month olds as she was quite understanding.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Veda's Buddy in the Oven

Veda and Jennifer. Jennifer is due on the same day I was last year. Maybe the babes will have the same birthday?!

Happy 1st Father's Day Dad

Todd had a great day. Veda and I had a rough one. We were up at 5:45a. We opened presents with Dad at 7am! Only fitting that we celebrate while experiencing the realities of parenthood! Dad is playing with his new digital photo frame loaded with pics of sweet V for his office. In the background is what I like to think of as my belated mother's day gift - my new recliner! Woo Hoo. Todd spent most of the day at the pool and is now suffering from a bad sunburn and racoon eyes - he he. We finished the day off with a sushi supper at Jennifer and Steve's!

Lunch with the Cousins on Sat

Yes Veda... that's called HAIR!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sat Morning - Argh

Got up at 7 (Veda let us sleep in - Hooray). Gave Veda her bottle and then packed her up and headed out to get mom her bottle (Latte - mmmmm). Then we hit up a few garage sales where I found this pirate book for V. She likes pirates and I LOVE garage sales.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shawn Johnson

Here's another pic from the Young Hollywood Awards with Shawn Johnson.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's the talking machine

You can't see it but Veda has the Blackberry in her hand and is trying to hold it up to her ear in the top photo. She amazes me everyday...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Veda loves it when we hold her upside down. She will sit on the floor and tilt her head to the side as a signal to us that she wants to be hung upside down. What a fruitcake!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Road Trip

Yesterday we drove up to Santa Barbara with Jennifer and Steve. We had breakfast in Summerland with a view of the water and then walked the art show along the beach. Veda loved the people watching. Jennifer sat next to Veda in the car and Veda just stared at her like this for most of the ride. She loves blondes! Hair Envy.


Veda is developing quite the memory. I'm amazed by the things she remembers. We recently bought Todd's parents a camera for their computer so we could Skype with them. We have been Skyping with my parents and my brother in Japan for some time now. When we were in Japan for a week - we were able to talk to Veda every day by video! Well - now she thinks every time I'm on the computer that someone is going to be on the other end waving and smiling at her. So she stands by my chair trying to peek over the table to see who I'm "talking" to. Grunting and Whining! I love Skype - you have to get on it - just another bit of technology brining you closer to your loved ones.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

We Have a Walker!

Two days shy of her 10th month miss Veda took her first steps. Last night my neighbors Kathy and Heather (and little Tokey) stopped for a visit and witnessed the event. We tried again this morning - using jewelry as a lure. It ALMOST worked. Watch she won't walk again for months...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Moment of Silence

Todd is in NYC the entire week. He had a 6am flight Monday morning (after our late night at the awards on Sunday). Veda and I are on our own. I'm enjoying my time with her but I think I'm losing my mind. The neighbors keep leaving fabulous toys at the front door. I went to Trader Joes to buy them a new basil plant as a thank you -since the one on their deck looks weak. I got home from the store and the plant was not in my car. I don't even remember what I did with it while I was putting Veda in her car seat. I probably set it on the ground and ran over it as I backed out. Dumb. The OTHER neighbors are taking Veda for a long walk right now so I can recharge my brain.
P.S. This is Veda's Billy Idol look!


There are snails all over the place in our neighborhood. Often they get stepped on and then all the other snails come out and eat the smushed ones. Yes - gross. I hope Veda has gotten over the stage of sticking everything in her mouth by the time she's exploring outside - otherwise she will be snacking on them too. Yuk!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend Part V - The Main Event - YH Awards

I didn't get too many photos on my camera. We had someone taking pictures for us so I will have some more to come. These are just a few highlights. We were VIP since Sebastian sponsored the event. We were the only ones (other than the stars) allowed on the red carpet for pictures! We also had backstage access with was pretty cool but not very useful.
We also sat in the 3rd row. Bar Rafaeli (Leo's girlfriend and super hot supermodel) sat directly behind us. Anna Lynne McCord, Rumor Willis, and Catherine McPhee were also behind us. Steve-O and Shawn Johnson were just down the row from us. You can see Shawn's mom smiling at the camera! The new Twillight Star Kellan Lutz is the pic of the hunk in the row behind us.Michael Clarke Duncan (the Green Mile) can also be seen in the background of one of the pics as well as Catherine McPhee in the tight red dress. Adam Lambert was by far the nicest and most gracious!
There were lots of 20 somethings there dressed to impress. They were all sooooooo skinny. Which is great because it means the don't eat - and I was super hungry so more food for me - ha!

Weekend Part IV - CP Wine and Food Fest

We loaded up Veda for the Casa Pacifica Wine and Food Festival. I went to help with set up early in the morning and was back in time to say farewell to the Soffin crew. The Festival was AMAZING. The food was over the top. We didn't really get our $75 worth of food and wine since we had to leave early but it all goes to a GREAT cause so it was worth every penny. Next year we plan to rope you all into this no matter how far you have to travel - you won't be disappointed! Check it out at!

This is a picture of the CP mascot - Archie - with some of the Casa kids. He is the biggest dog I've ever seen. Veda got to meet him at the Festival and was grunting and screaming she was so excited!

Weekend Part II & III - Twins and Baby Shower

The Soffins arrived with the Twins and brought their sleeping bags - Slumber Party Saturday Night! The rest of the crew arrived later in the day for the Baby Shower for Baby McGhee. Veda likes wrapping paper - we are already looking forward to Christmas.

Weekend Part I - Auntie Kel. Brooke, and LOTS of wine

Auntie Kel and Brooke were in town planning Brooke's wedding. They spent Friday night with us and helped make the yummies for Saturday's Baby Shower for the McGhees.

Friday, June 5, 2009


What do all these items have in common?
Yes - Items found in Veda's mouth over 48 hours. These are the ones I caught and she didn't swallow. The quarter is particularly alarming. I found it in her mouth when she was in her crib - I have NO idea how it got there!

Growth Chart

I decided to let Veda take down the Christmas cards. They did cover the entire right side of the fridge. This is how far she's gotten - it's kind of like her growth chart! ha ha!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Young Hollywood Awards

So, it's official...just got the invite today...looks like it's shaping up as a big year for Twilight, so the whole cast is supposed to be there in full effect. Food by Nobu which is the fanciest of the Sushi restaurants in LA....

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In-Out, Up-Down, Gone and Back Again

I've been reading in my parenting books that babies are learning about spatial relationshps at this stage. So we got Veda this tunnel thinking it would take a while for her to figure out that if she went through it she would still be in the same room. No fooling her. She went right through it to the other side and just looked at us like she wanted to know what the big deal was?!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Dress

So I ended up with this little BCBG number. It is form fitting and has a deep back and tie at the same point as the beading. Hopefully the next pic you see of it will be with some fab celeb! I asked Todd what he is going to wear and he kind of rolled his eyes and said same thing I always wear - a shirt and pants from my closet. Manhood is so simple.

Dr's Report

Veda had her 9 month check up yesterday. She has thinned out a bit in proportion to her height. She is now 90% across the board for height (75cm), weight (22.1 lbs), and head size. Her blood test revealed she is a bit anemic so she will get an iron supplement and then back to the Dr. in 6 weeks for a follow-up test.
Veda tried on her Ropers yesterday. Still a little big in the feet and a little tight around her chunky cows. Should be perfect by the time she starts walking;)