Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Veda's 1st 1st Bday Party

Here are the pics for the little party we had for Veda at my parent's house. Todd's parents drove down to see Veda eat her first piece of cake. We didn't let her eat much of it - she looked like she wanted to vomit after the second bite - ha!

The Summit

I love my brother and I worry about him quite a bit. So when he told me he and his friend Annie were going to hike to the summit of Mt. Fuji and that two Americans had died doing it the week before - I wasn't so sure I would see him again. He's not exactly what I (nor he) would call athletic. Todd and I were talking to him on Skype the other day as he laid out his wardrobe for the trip - explaining to us that the American's had fallen and frozen to death so he needed to make sure he brought layers. I'm not sure Ryan owns "layers" so again I was having a hard time picturing his safe return. Here are some pics he sent - looks like it was worth it and looks like he bought some new rags for the adveture - whew!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Anniversary Gary & Diane !!!

Bingo...we guessed it (that's a Bingo stamp below)...it's Gary & Diane's 35th wedding anniversary. So kathy, kel and I just spent the last 15 min arguing over email how many years that mom & dad have been married...we finally figured it out based on the fact that my ex-college girlfriend attended their 25th anniversary in Britt and we were dating in 1999 (10 years ago). I know exactly what you are thinking...we're pretty smart!

For those of you who know my parents...it's amazing that my mom has put up with my dad for that many years....he's kind of like your favorite pair of shoes...he's a little worn out, kind of stinks, but he's pretty great and you wouldn't know what to do without him. As for mom, she's the loving, patient one that you could never say a bad word about (and she's pretty great too).

We love you both....

Todd, Kathy, Kel & Chris

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day at the Pool

It was a beautiful day in California, so we got an early start at the pool. There was a little boy at the pool that Veda was quite interested in...actually she just wanted his toys and he wasn't too willing to share. She chased him around the pool for a while and eventually lost interest. We also ran over to the park where she had her first opportunity to run through the sprinklers. She wasn't a big fan, but we enjoyed it.

So You Think You Can Dance...

Veda picked up a new dance move while at Grandpa & Grandma Sayre's house. The two little twin neighbors would bob up and down every time that Veda pushed the music button on her excersaucer. Since coming back home, she now loves to re-create the moment....

(sorry for the sideways filming).

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Home Base

I realize now it's been a week since I last posted. Tomorrow will mark my 16th and 17th flights in the last 16 days. I've been back and forth barely finding time to kiss Veda and do my laundry. The good news is that we are flying home tomorrow and no travel for a long time! We've been away since June and it's taking its toll. I have lots of updates to post and promise to do so over the next week as we settle back into life as we once knew it. XO - thanks for not giving up on us. K

Friday, July 17, 2009

While You Were Out

Finally. Home. After a long week I made it home to Veda only to find that I don't think she missed me one bit. She was having all sorts of fun. A few hours after I landed we went and picked up Todd at the airport - Veda just stared at him the whole way home and wouldn't let go of his hand. Super cute. I spotted a Friday afternoon garage sale on the way home - and well you know me - Mom and I investigated and found a fountain of super cute clothes - just Veda's size - and lots of toys and books.
The twin 9 year olds next door have been over for daily playdates. Veda has a pool at BOTH grandparents houses! And who knew - she loves Nana's dinasaur collection - (Weird but my Mom is a retired teacher so she's allowed to have dinasaurs).

Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Nana Sayre!

Dinner at the Beemer's

My best friend Betsi and her super cute Cade came down from Minneapolis to spend the weekend at her parent's so we could see each other while Veda and I are in town. After Veda finished feeding Sophie the dog her dinner from the highchair we went to the porch for smores. Ummm I think Veda's like's chocolate. Yes Uncle Chris I broke my own rule;)

What has three teeth, can walk, and says duck, duck, duck?

I keep trying to get video of the walking for the blog but the files are too big and won't load. I'm back from a work trip in MN and have some blog catch-up I need to do... Grandma U sent me a reminder message last night;)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Missing Sweet Veda

I've been away from Veda before and definately for longer than one day. For some reason this time away bothers me more than ever before. I'm in the Columbus airport on my way home to Iowa - I left for a one day meeting late yesterday afternoon. Mom and Dad said she had a rough night. Between the hours of 3 and 5am they had to walk her around the house to tire her out and calm her down - she would lean to look into each room hoping to find her mom and dad. Ughh - breaks my heart. Can't wait to see the munchkin in several hours!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Last Day at the Lake

Some of the neighborhood kids at the lake stopped by to hang with Veda. She's the hostest with the mostest.

Happy 4th on the 5th!

Veda was slightly interested in the fireworks but sleep won out! We had a great view from the house of the Clear Lake fireworks show. There were hundreds of boats on the lake and it was a beautiful night! (Disregard the date on the photo - the camera was off).

Friday, July 3, 2009

Dinner at the Half Moon

$20 a piece for an awesome Ribeye, salad, potato AND the most stiff Captain and Diet I've ever had!

The Fun Never Ends

Guest Blogger!

my official second entry as a guest blogger, it's auntie kelly!

veda and i have been having a grand old time in clear lake...today we already went for a golf cart ride around the block, practiced walking, played with my old toys circa 1979, had a bottle, some cheerios and banana...and now it's naptime...i think this afternoon we'll take another dip in the baby pool - what a life!

Look Mom I'm Swimming

Bike Ride - I'm in Pain!

Visit with Grandmas

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Shrimp Boil

The weather didn't permit us to have our annual shrimp boil outside so we had it in the garage instead. Veda had her first shrimp - yum.

Veda's 1st Boat Ride