Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I caved

I never wanted to be a Mom that uses DVDs as the babysitter. I give up. Veda is sick - snot everywhere - she can't breath - she can't sleep - she can't eat. She just wants to be held. So this was my solution while I worked in the kitchen. She got her flu shot yesterday and got a full workup beforehand to make sure she was well enough for the shot - of course the second we left she started snotting up a storm. Someone suggested it might be related to her sprouting her back teeth - which is possible since she is drooling up a storm as well.

Tomorrow we head to Manhattan Beach to meet up with Todd's family and to celebrate with Brooke and Tom. Veda is looking forward to the wedding - doesn't know what to wear so of course we had to pack half her wardrobe and all her shoes... and the gates... and the vaporizer... the fan... the sound machine... toys... two strollers... food and supplies for the beach house... the airbead... and lots of other stuff that most likely will take me two hours to get in the car. Here we come!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We need an upgrade

Veda had a playdate today and it made me realize that these kids' toys are much cooler than the poor man toys I have her playing with at home. She loves the ball pit and the door. Who would think of making a child sized front door as a toy? Genius really. She could have spent all day going back and forth through it and shutting the door and ringing the bell. Maybe when/if we move next year we'll get a place big enough for a play room and I'll be forced to fill it. Maybe I'll actually buy her xmas gifts this year?

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Todd brought Veda home a couple of Barbie's from his trip to Ohio last week. Veda has really bonded with her new friends - she might be a girly girl after all! She insisted on carrying this one around on a pillow. She could hardly lift the pillow but insisted that the Barbie was not to move unless she was on her princess pillow. She even tried to take the pillow outside to her new play area and when we objected she through a fit.
V will stand at the door trying to open it when she wants to go outside. I finally figured out that I could gate the porch and just leave the door open so she can come and go as she pleases. A win win for everyone.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Creative Styling

Nana Sayre gave Veda this "shirt" last week - it's actually a 3 to 6 month baby dress but works perfectly as a shirt - good thinking Mom. I'm going to dig through her old dresses and see if I can find any others that I can make work this way.

Green Thumb

I figured out how to upload the photos! Veda helping me water plants yesterday...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We're back - sort of...

I can't upload photos;( So you are stuck with story telling. I am still without my own laptop. I'm using a loner with limited capabilities. Our home computer crashed this weekend providing a perfect ending to a less than stellar week. Another $300 down the drain and it was only 10 months old. ho hum.

The trip home last week had me swearing I wouldn't travel with Veda again but of course we have another trip to the Midwest scheduled in a couple of weeks. She came down with a cold and I couldn't contain the snot - that was the worse part about the travel - forget the four hour delay and stroller the airline broke (yes I spent the day pushing her around with one handle). I just couldn't keep her clean - I was worried the other travelers would freak out but I think they thought it was drool - it looked like drool.

We made it to Iowa only 5 hours late - which is why I always travel in the morning - less risk of missing your connections and getting stuck somewhere over night! My luggage didn't come until the next day and that is when I realized my lap top was gone. Oh well - I'm over it.

We are glad to be home. We are watching the neighbor's dog - Veda is chasing him around and he probably wishes he had a rock to climb under. I'll have lots of pics to post when I can figure out why this computer won't let me upload!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


My laptop has been stolen. So... I will be offline for awhile and unable to post. Sorry folks. I can't wait to get back to blogging so I can tell you about the crappy last three days I've had!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Veda's First Birthday Invite

Our friends Jonathan and Christina had the party of the century for their twins Jacob and Alexander. It was over the top. Everything was coordinated to the monkey theme including their bathing suits and party attire. They hired a life guard (so smart) and had a full bar with a bartender (and yes - Megan came with us and had the bartender's number by the end of the night). They had a catered Taco bar which was AMAZING and the cake was just adorable - and delicious. There were close to 100 people at the pool party including plenty of children for Veda to play with. Because of the pool Veda was forced to wear her monkey leash which came in quite handy for me because she was ALL over the place. Veda gave Jacob and Alexander their own leashes for their birthday;)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Go Hawks!

I get to title the blog since I'm out numbered in the sporting gear department. However, Veda doesn't look too happy about supporting the losing team. I'm wearing my beat state shirt as we celebrate that we actually get to watch the game today! I guess something good has come out of the Direct TV investment.


I left the grocery bag a little too close to Veda in her car seat. I was wondering why she was so quiet on our way back from the grocery store. She swiped a banana from the bag, ate through the peel, and was sucking out the insides when I discovered the mess when we got home. The other day we went to the farmer's market with our neighbor and babysitter - Kathy. Kathy gave Veda a wedge of watermelon and we left her alone with it while we shopped - only to later discover that she was eating the rind.

Take Veda to Work Day

We had our first ultrasound on Friday morning. So Todd went in late to work after the appointment. We tried to get some work done before we left and Veda was happy to help. The ultrasound went well. The baby wasn't cooperating so we couldn't find out the sex - Oct 27th will be the big day. It was neat to see the baby jumping around and good to get a positive report that everything looks as it should.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Potatoes on the Counter

It's the simple things in life...sometimes you just need to sit on the counter naked with potatoes. That's all it takes to go from screaming tantrum, to happy baby.

Daily Recommended Allowance

Here's V eating my rollers. Her daily routine while Dad is getting ready in the morning consists of opening all the bathroom drawers, pulling everything out, and making sure that all the rooms on the second floor have an even distribution of Mom and Dad's bathroom items. Every time I want to curl my hair I have to go on a treasure hunt;)

It's a disappointing morning. Todd called to say that someone hit him while he was driving to work this morning. I thought this was going to be a real inconvenience because he has to turn in his lease next week. How in the world would we (most likely I) get in fixed in time? Then he reminded me that he drove my car to work - oh joy!

At my Doctor's appointment yesterday with my Urologist he informed me that the test results have identified the culprit responsible for my Kidney Stones... Salt. I have "way too much" sodium in my system. I laughed out loud because I am always giving Todd a hard time about eating too much salt and I'm the one with the problem. So this morning I started reading all the nutritional panels on our food in search for something healthy to eat. Ughhhhh!!! Everything has tons of sodium. This is going to be a serious chore to cut down on salt and it doesn't just mean staying away from the salt shaker.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So Long

Kel and Chris left yesterday and boy is it quiet around here;( I did spend the day with the Direct TV guy who spent 6 hours at the house installing Todd's birthday present. The good news is that we now have two less TVs in our house because they couldn't connect all of them - the bad news is that Todd now has a reason to stay glued to the couch ALL day on Sunday with NFL Sunday ticket.

Bun in the Oven Just Like Mom

This is Todd and Chris' way of teaching Veda about the birds and the bees. Cute huh?

Our House is a Sand Box

We had a sunset dinner on the beach Saturday night with the Ehlers. Veda LOVES the sand. I suppose it will be much like her love affair with snow the first time she experiences it. The sand is everywhere in our house. I wonder how people who LIVE on the beach deal with this nuisance?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mummmmm Mussels

Aunt Kel made the best dinner ever. Giada's seafood pasta. Veda feasted on her milk. Today the ladies head to the spa while Chris and Todd watch football and hopefully, Veda.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

No new material...

I've been so busy juggling work and baby that I haven't given my camera much attention this week. Here's a pic from the archives that I don't think I've shared. Big day today. Aunt Kel and Uncle Chris are coming to visit. I'm thinking that I wish I had maid service. I've never thought I was too busy to clean myself but now I'm thinking I'm just too tired - that's a good excuse right?!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


If you don't have this toy then you should get it. Veda loves it - we had some great Video but I couldn't get it loaded. Thanks Brooke - Veda picked this out with her birthday money;))