Friday, October 30, 2009

Rock Out!

We helped "Bret" get ready for work this morning. I applied the eyeliner, foundation and bronzer (he he) - "Bret" is a high maintanance and kept complaining about my make-up application - geeeezzz. Veda wasn't sure who the dude in the mullet was that kept trying to pick her up - she figured it out eventually. I wonder if he'll ever come up with a Halloween costume again that doesn't involve the "go-to" mullet?

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Dad brought "Erica" home to play tonight. Mom I'm talking to her but she won't talk back so I hit her to make sure she's awake. Mom she doesn't yell when I pull her hair. Mom can I keep her? No.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Little Stinker

Veda took off with my credit card and thought it was pretty funny as I chased her around the house trying to get it...

We weren't all smiles today though. Thankfully both Veda and I were able to get our flu shots... she shed a few tears but was a trooper. I've heard many pediatricians are running out but Veda's had enough for her and for me. I've reduced my chance of getting sick - I hope - and having to go on Tamiflu if I start to run a fever. The H1N1 vaccine is still not available ANYWHERE in our area so my Dr. said that if I get sick that they will just go ahead and put me on the drug anyway.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Two weddings and a whole lot o' pink

I can't say that pink is one of my favorite colors but I think we are going to see a whole lot of it over the next 10 to 20 years. I also reminded Todd that we better start a fund for the two weddings we will have to pay for. I'm excited that Veda will have a sister and that I will have two lovely (after they turn 30) daughters who call their mother every day and send me thoughtful mother's day gifts;)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Boo at the Zoo

Don't worry Auntie Kel and Uncle Chris... this was just a test run. Turns out I love the zoo and can't wait for my Scottsdale visit! We went to the LA zoo with Jonathan and Christina and the Twins. It was over 90 degrees at the end of October... gotta love LA. Felt bad for all the poor kids dressed up in their costumes... hot hot hot. Veda's favorite attraction... the monkeys of course. She thought all the animals were doggies and would "ruff ruff" when she saw them. We're going to have to work on our animal sounds.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yummmm Can I Have Some?

Eventually she got the hang of it... scoop it out and throw it in the bowl. The first time she stuck her hand in Jack the Jack 'O Lantern she tried to eat her reward. I yelled too loud and made her cry - whoops. So she wouldn't go near it again for fear of reprimand. Next year we'll let her design the face!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

More Elephant Love

A few more pics from the party last night... Also yesterday was Veda's first day off the bottle. I had lunch with some girlfriends in IC last week who told me I just needed to "do it" and eventually she would take milk from a sippy cup. Well it worked when she was thirsty enough and she went down to sleep just fine without a bottle. Much easier than I thought it would be! No more bottle cleaning - hooray!

The Elephant Shuffle


We took Veda to the Community Halloween Party at the YMCA last night. All her friends from the neighborhood were there. Most of the activities were for older kids but that didn't stop V who was pretty much only interested in showing off her hot dance moves. Also, check out the mini George Clooney is his scrubs... he was a quick study of the Veda school of dance.

California Sunshine!

We are back in California and up and running with the laptop that arrived yesterday. Here we are on the shuttle bus from the airport to the parking garage. We were delayed and missed a flight but in the end it worked out to our advantage. Veda had her own seat on the plane and had two hours to run around the MSP airport. She loves the airport - lots of people to play with and lots of room to run! When we got home she was a really confused. She couldn't find Nana and Bull and seemed like she was seeing all her toys for the first time. She stayed up until 10pm playing with Dad and her toys (which would have been midnight Iowa time)!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Tunes

I bought this CD today. I don't remember the last time I bought a CD. It was probably a Buble CD. I love Michael Buble. Todd took me to see him in concert for my 30th birthday in Cincinnatti. He is amazing and I will never forget that concert!

Lost and Found

This is part of a picture of the Tiffany's cuff braclet that Todd bought me for our first xmas as a couple. I lost it three years ago when I was wedding dress shopping. At least I thought I had. When we were at the Iowa Homecoming parade last weekend my Dad was putting away a bag chair and the braclet fell out of a pocket on the chair. The man sitting next to it asked if it belonged to us and I said it wasn't mine before realizing that it was mine indeed! Glad to have my old friend back in my possession. Maybe Veda will read this someday after I've handed it down to her;)


Sorry we've been MIA! I had to give up my loner laptop last week when I was in Columbus so I'm once again dealing without my laptop and managing my life on my blackberry. As soon as we get back to California on Thursday I'll post more pictures.

Veda has had a great week with Nana and Bull. My Mom and I also took a trip to Maryland this weekend to visit my Aunt Diane. Grandpa Bull was on his own and scored an A+ with diapers, baths, and making sure Veda was happy and entertained. He even managed to watch his football games while playing babysitter... an art Todd has perfected.

Todd is missing sweet Veda and we can't wait to see him Thursday. He's working in New York this week so at least he doesn't have to go home to an empty house!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Play Time with Ava

Our friends Brandon and Nicole were in town from the Twin Cities for the big game. Veda got to play with their daughter Ava at the downtown playground. Veda thought she could do everything that Miss Ava could do but unfortunately Ava outranks her in skill and ability by almost a year. You can tell in the top photo that Ava is losing her patience as she waits for Veda to figure out that she can't climb the latter. ha!


The Baldes crew minus Janice came over to watch the game and play with Veda. Veda loved the kids and kept crawling on top of them because she wanted to sit in their laps. Carson said it was ok "he could handle it." She was really amused with his hair for some reason too. I spent a few hours visiting with the Beemers at their house (eating more than I can handle of Pat's gameday cooking) and then roaming the tailgating lots. Basically how I spent every gameday for years. I now remember why night games are never a good idea. Way too many drunk idiots. I could hardly make my way through the packed rows of people so I felt really bad for all the elderly people who were making their way to the game at the last minute as I ran home to watch the game on the tube.
Another Hawk victory. Yes I guess you could say I've been a fair weather fan these past few years but hey - I have the spirit and I can't wait to see the rest of the season. I'm already thinking about all my Hawk friends heading out West to the Rose Bowl! You have a place to stay!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Don't eat the yellow snow!

We woke up to snow in Iowa City this morning! Veda was curious but oddly enough she didn't try to eat it. The neighborhood kids were out in full snow gear hoping for a blizzard - Veda chased them around for a bit before she decided she was ready for the warm and cozy of the indoors. Good thing Nana Sayre found her this coat (and matching snow pants) for the hot deal of 12 bones! Of course I headed out to the only garage sale I could find this morning in search of toasty winter clothes for V. My first garage sale in the snow - they didn't look like they were having much fun. I found some cute digs for little V so it was a great morning - latte and all!
Now football starts in less than an hour. I sure appreciate that we get to jump out of bed and watch the games at 9am in California. Waiting until 11 is like an eternity when you get up at 6 in the morning.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Homecoming Parade - Go Hawks!

We weren't sure how long we'd last at the parade and were surprised at how much fun Veda was having! My camera died after I took these few photos. She was dancing and clapping and waving at everyone who went by in the parade. It was burrrrrr cold but the sun came out and we dodged the rain so it was a pretty perfect fall evening in downtown Iowa City.
It just feels so great to be home. The crisp fall air - the corn ready for harvest - the excitement for Hawkeye football. Wish I could tailgate tomorrow - seriously tailgate - but I'll just be dragging my pregnant self around the parking lots for a few hours before I head home to watch the game on my parent's warm and cozy couch.
The pics above are at the Homecoming parade. The two gals are friends of mine from grade school. Becky on the far left and I had the same birthday and lived on the same street so we had all our birthday parties together - she has three girls now! Kristi is on the far left with her daughter Veda - yes VEDA! This is where we snagged the name. Glad that we could get a picture with the two pretty Vedas. She thought it was pretty cool that baby V shared her name;)
I'd also like to mention that we had a fabulous trip home on Thursday which made up for the last visit. No delays, broken strollers, or stolen luggage! Veda slept take off to touch down on the 3.5 hour flight - watched movies and giggled at everyone. Things went so smoothly that I was actually able to order and drink a latte during our layover - imagine that!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Beach Vacation

Unfortunately I didn't make good use of my camera this weekend. Here are a few good pics I did manage to get. We were in Manhattan Beach celebrating Brooke and Tom's wedding. It was beautiful and perfect. Veda was sick and crabby which caused plenty of stress but it was all worth the moments of joy she had playing on the beach, in the ocean, and in the hotel room bathtub. In the top photo she is smiling at Grandpa Gary and checking to see if he noticed that she was covering his feet in sand. She was pretty proud of herself. She was eager to cover her own feet in sand too and she surprised us by how much she loved the ocean - she wanted to keep chasing the waves back to the ocean and couldn't quite figure out that another wave would come and knock her over. We got some great film of it but no photos.
This morning she was downstairs at the rental house screaming and Grandma Diane came up with her and announced she had pierced her ears! For a second I thought she was serious but to my relief they were only stickers;) Grandma thought it was about time considering a women at the resturant where we were eating asked how old our little fella was.