Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood...

I have the BEST neighbors. This afternoon the ladies took me out for an early dinner at Yolanda's. Mexican twice in one week is like a dream come true. Tom played babysitter and took Veda on a grand tour of all three parks in the area. Then back to Kathy and Tom's where a few more joined us for homemade cake, ice cream and  presents. It was a baby shower/birthday party so I was showered with lots of gifts... enough to make me feel bad but incredibly grateful for living near wonderful people that look out for us. I have a lunch date lined up with Jennifer tomorrow and will celebrate with BJ and Melissa later in the week. It's shaping up to be a good 34th.

Grocery Shopping

It was raining all day yesterday and Veda never made it out of her Pjs. We even made a trip to the store in our Pjs and rain boots. I didn't even try to get her in the cart this time and just let her follow us around which was fine until she found the tomatoes. She LOVES tomatoes.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Joe was here visting last weekend. Veda took off with his unopen beer and after sucking on the cold can for awhile she proceeded to feed the beer to her babies and elmo. Everybody got a little brew ha ha love.

Bump Report

Bean #2 is still turning and twisting. Last week at the Dr. he told me the baby had flipped and was head down. I think she flipped back. I'm hoping she runs out of room soon and just stays put because I get light-headed when she moves around too much.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Who's the Pregnant One?

It was take out food and a movie night at the Laabs household.  Kathy was craving Mexican and I basically hate onions.  So, I had a bucket of the old stand by, KFC.  Mmmm, did leave me wondering...who's the pregnant one?

Craigslist Score

Just needed to brag about my latest find on Criaglist. I've been having trouble finding used and inexpensive clothes Veda's size at garage sales or on Craigslist. I think she's getting to the age where kids wear their clothes longer so they get worn out. Anyway I found a lady selling brand new clothes (tags still on) from Charlie Sheen's line called Sheen Kidz. She had three racks of girls clothing - most Veda's size and she was selling everything for $2 a piece and original prices were $20 a piece on average. I bought 25 items and they are SUPER cute. Apparently he has three stores (2 located in the LA area) and they had a huge inventory reduction... she went and told them she would buy everything they had left over after the sale. Considering these were the left overs I can't imagine how great the other stuff was.

A fun project for this not so crafty Mom?

I made rice krispy treats last night and it got me thinking about the popcorn balls Mom used to make when we were little. Same idea but with popcorn and food coloring and you roll them into big balls. Such a treat. Other crowd favorites were the bologna and peanut butter sandwiches Dad would make us smothered in butter... toasted too. Sounds really gross and bad for you but surpirsingly delicious. I know there were other favorites but I can't think of them right now. I do remember that we always seemed to have tuna and Miracle Whip on hand which was a favorite of mine for lunch and we always bought our orange juice frozen in concentrate... made for quick and easy orange julius. Someday I will put together a "cookbook" of favorite foods from my (and Todd's) childhood for Veda and her sister. That would be a fun gift I think and fun to try to recreate some of the specialities.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I think I'm a pretty smart girl. I know I am. Every once in awhile the most obvious facts escape me. Todd and I had a healthy argument the other day about the size of a centimeter. I've managed to get through the past 30 plus years with the belief that there are 10 centimeters in an inch. I hope Veda doesn't ask for help with her homework any time soon.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Countdown to Daycare

Veda and I joined the playdate yesterday at the new babysitter's. I think she's going to like it there. Jenn has the place fully stocked with a dress-up area, a play kitchen and shopping area, a doctors office, etc... Veda had sensory overload and I will never have to buy her another toy because she will get to play with everything there.

Blogger Block

My mind is a void right now so I dipped into the archives and pulled these cute photos of Veda and cousin Savannah at pizza a few weeks back. These two are going to be trouble together no doubt!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Our neighbor Teaguen turned four and we celebrated with our friends Drew and Mia. Teaguen - or "T" as Veda calls him - wasn't too jazzed that Veda wanted to help open gifts, eat off his plate and play with his toys. 

Baby Brain

I haven't been doing a good job of remembering to take my pre-natal vitamins... I don't think. Truth is I could be taking it twice a day at times. I finally broke down and bought a pill box because I just can't remember no matter how hard I try. Baby brain or aging brain?

Dreary Day

It's not a good day. People I love and care about are hurting and I just wish I could help make it better and brighter... but I can't. Wishing Mom a safe trip to see my Aunt and sending positive thoughts to my friends and their families.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm Mad

Last year we had to spend $136 to fix our leaking shower. Today I have to spend $198 to fix the exact same problem that the exact same plumbing service is coming to fix. He claims it is the part and not anything the installer did wrong. Of course there is only a 90 day warranty on that particular part which he also claims is now stocked in limited quanity and hard to find so it will cost me more. I don't believe him at all but here I am stuck wtih a leaking shower... which is now in pieces... and very few options.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jelly Bean Kids

Veda is starting a new Daycare (for those of you - Mom - who can't see it... click on the word Daycare and it will take you to the site) on March 2nd. I'm excited about this for lots of reasons. Mainly because I found the most amazing Daycare and an opportunity for her to interact with other children her age in a structured environment. A friend of one of my neighbors, who is a former teacher and children's party planner, started this because it's her passion and she wanted to earn a little extra $$. Check out the website and see for yourself. She is over the top and she only wants 4 or 5 kids in the entire group but yet she still went to the trouble of putting together this great website. Can't wait to report on Veda's "first day of school"!

Pee pee and poo poo

New words we use daily in our home. Yesterday at her appointment the Dr. warned me specifically about beginning potty training when planning to bring home a new baby. He said she will regress if we do happen to make progress but that we should still feel free to talk about it. So last night I stripped Veda down for her bath and like I do most nights, I asked her if she needed to go potty. She walked over and sat down on her potty. It's usually a 50% chance that will happen or the alternative is that she picks up the potty pieces and throws them in the tub... I just watch and then calmly remove them. Last night she sat down on the potty and she went PEE!!!! I could hardly believe it. Just to be clear - we haven't really tried to potty train her - we just have her potty in her bathroom and we point it out and talk about it before her bath - that's all.

After this milestone moment I started thinking about how it wouldn't be so bad to keep her in diapers... a long time! Visions of public restrooms at Disneyland and the airports blurred my mind. Ick. Even worse - what if she has to go and there are no bathrooms and she isn't wearing a diaper? Too much to handle. Maybe this was just a fluke and I still don't have to worry about it for a while... I hope... I think.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

18 Month Report

Veda had her 18 month check-up this morning. As usual she is off the charts... (29lbs, 34.5 in tall and head measurement of 48 in) the Dr. didn't dispute that she might just end up being a really big girl... he actually offered up that they let girls compete in wrestling with the boys in Thousand Oaks. After he realized that I wasn't amused he suggested that she might just mature earlier than most children but it didn't mean she would be really big always. Either way - it doesn't matter - she is healthy - very healthy - and that is ALL that matters. She screamed through the entire appointment and was eager to blow the Dr. kisses through her flood of tears in hopes that it might make him go away - ha ha. She had two shots and then I gave her a sucker and the world was then a better place;)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Veda's got a new ride...

Mom finally got her dream stroller (through a massive deal on Craigslist)...the double BOB...even though we're still waiting on #2, that doesn't mean we can't get some use out of this baby...Veda went for her first ride in it this afternoon and loved it so much, she wouldn't get out of it when we got home.  Here's a pic of her riding with her stand in #2, Elmo (putting on his seat belt)....

Monday Funday...

When Dad's home, everyday is a party...Today we took Veda back to her favority place, Clubhouse Funzone.  It's basically heaven for kids under the age of 5 and heaven for parents of kids under 5.  Veda walks into this place, stunned for about 15 sec. because she can't decide what to play with first and then proceeds to run non-stop for 2 hours +.  Her are a couple pics of her playing with her best friend (our neighbor) Drew. 

The NEW "Queen" of the Remote Control

Last night I got a little taste of my own medicine...Kathy and I sat down to eat dinner...our normal trick is to give Veda her milk and let her sit down in her chair so we at least get 3-4 minutes of un-interupted time to eat.  Veda's pink chair is usually reserved for watching cartoons and drinking her milk.  Well, I tried to sneak in a little of the Winter Olympics, because I figured she would be preoccupied with her milk.  As soon as I turned the channel, Veda stood up, dropped her milk and walked over to me and said "Baby, please, baby, please?"  I was to clarify, she walked over to the remote control and handed to me and said, "Baby, please"....apparently "baby, please..." = "Turn Curious George back on or your not going to eat dinner peacefully"....

Coloring with Dad

For those of you wondering why I am posting this weekend, well, P&G gave us President's Day off, so I have a little extra time on my hands (to take pictures with the new camera : )....Yesterday, we colored mom a picture for Valentine's Day....Veda's getting really good with it...a real Picasso

The Eagle has Landed...

So, Kathy is officially in full blown nesting phase.  I don't mean your normal, clean out the closests, rearrange the baby clothes, turn everything in the house upside down (which she has been doing for the last 6 weeks)...Kathy is now going through boxes that were never unpacked from our move from Cincinnati (intentionally)...Now, my winter coats, surround sound systems, anything reminiscent of my single guy days, etc are slowly being "migrated" to the Goodwill or Garage sale boxes and bags...Despite the fact that I will officially lose all signs of "Todd Stuff", Veda has been having a blast.  She is trying on all of mom and dad's winter clothes and also getting a chance to use her old baby toys and furniture.   One of the funnier scenes was watching Veda try and get out of her Bumbo (the pink seat with the tray for the non moms), which is of course for babies to help them sit up....She got herself in there (and put the tray on by herself) so she could watch TV...Getting out was a bit more complicated...for those of you wondering, she had to roll herself on her side (while in the chair) and crawl out slowly....

Saturday, February 13, 2010

That's some handy camera work...

The Olympics are Here...

In honor of the 2010 Winter Olympics, Veda broke out her "Miga" t-shirt (the official mascot of the Winter Games) that Uncle Chris and Aunt Kelly got her on their honeymoon trip through Vancouver almost 2 years ago.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Elmo and Abby


I introduced Veda to the wonders of the www where she can visit with her best friends Elmo and Abby any time of the day at Veda has become violent in her efforts to get to our laptops... climbing up on the chairs and dining room table... hitting and screaming and yelling Abby and Elmo. It's all worth it to hear her talking. So cute.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Kel!

In honor of Kel's birthday tomorrow I celebrated by eating a very large helping of Cold Stone. It was delicious. Happy Birthday Sissy. We love you soooooooooo much!

As a side note... Todd's comment today...
"So if the baby is 5.5 lbs then that's good right? It means the baby is gaining all the weight it needs?"
"So it doesn't really matter how much weight you gain as long as the baby is gaining weight, right?"
"So maybe you should cool it a bit then, right?"

Let's be Frank

I had an ultrasound today. Veda's little sister, who Todd will now affectionately call Frank, is presenting in the same position as she did, Frank Breech. I've been having some pretty intense pain and the Dr. figures that it's because of the way she is sitting and that she is already measuring at 5.5 lbs... a week ahead of schedule. He said that she could still turn but it doesn't really matter since I'm having a C-section anyways. Now I'm just hoping that I don't go into labor before my planned date... that would just mess up my plans and I'm really looking forward to sleeping in that day.

Alligator Tears

Veda was not a happy camper when Auntie and Unc left this morning. The house is empty and quiet and Veda has no one to play with but boring old Mom. Mom is not happy either... Kel and Chris took such good care of me and wouldn't let me lift a finger... they did dishes and laundry and even took the dirty diapers to the trash before they left - oh - AND they went and bought me peanut M&Ms. I don't like people taking care of me - it makes me feel too guilty - but I was at the end of my rope this weekend so I appreciate it soooooooo much. Thank you!!! XO - K

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Half-time Report

Kel and I were surely not as excited about the Super Bowl as the guys... that is until we discovered the variety of bets you can place on the game. The highlights of our gameday experience...

Over/under on the time it takes Carrie Underwood to sing the National Anthem 1 minute and 42 seconds. By our clock she came in at about 1 minute and 46 seconds thanks to a "hang-on" to the word "home" at the end. Kel and Chris are $2.50 richer. You've never heard a crowd cheer louder for the Idol Queen.

The coin toss. It was a nail biter for sure but yes... heads it was and again Kel and Chris are now $20 richer.

There was so much excitement before the game even started that we hardly noticed kick-off.

Half-time. Will Pete Townsend of the WHO smash his guitar...??? Will he??? Will Chris and Kel pay for the baby's college by the end of the day?

My bet... the over/under on the number of times they show Kim Kardashian in the stands. 2.5. I went for the under - by half time I am in good position with Kim as a no-show. Will we have a shut out?

Todd's token bet... the color of Gatorade/Water dumped on the coach. I called clear/water and Todd went with Lemon/Lime against my wishes and I'm sure it is the worse $5 ever spent but we will see...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Three Men and a Toddler

Uncle Chris and Aunt Kel are in town as well as Todd's college buddy Dave from Austin. Kel and I went to run errands today and came home to find the boys and Veda MIA. We gathered from the air pump on the counter that they had gone to play bball at the park. We drove over to check out the action and found all three boys walking home with V in the stroller... and of course they were all drinking beers. Quite the picture.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bump Watch

Six weeks from today. Now is the time the baby starts to get really big so my belly shots will be more interesting;) I've calculated it down to 29 more work days (President's Day I get off). I can handle it but we would be ready if the baby came tomorrow...