Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mommy Moment

At least I caught my mistake before I took her to daycare. I didn't get much sleep last night...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

FREE money!

I have to share my new revelation! I have been ordering lots of gifts online lately since shopping with two little ones presents a problem in the stores. I noticed the other day at checkout that most (if not all) online order pages ask if you have a promotion or coupon code. So... I googled the retailer and the words "promotion codes" and I found a bunch of sites that post active promo codes that you can use. Tada - instant savings. Who knew it would be so easy. Hope this little tidbit of info saves you some cash too... then you can by me a drink as a thank you;)))

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I told Todd he isn't allowed to take colored photos of Adele right now because you can see all the scrapes on her face from where she's clawed herself. She needs a Mani...probably a Pedi too;)

Happy Anniversary Love

We got to go out for dinner to celebrate on Sat while Uncle Ry watched both girls by himself!

Morning stroll

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gotta give Adele a little blog love too...


Monkey See, Monkey Do....

Yeah....I'm not even going to explain this...just part of Kathy's daily routine.

and there was a dog!

a little white lab puppy....which was hard to pull Veda away from...I even walked away for about 30 sec and I come back and Veda had kicked the dog out of it's bed and she was laying in it...Kathy was not impressed.

Birthday Party Crashers...

Another Birthday party this weekend for Veda.  Lots of fun stuff for Veda to get into.  Somehow I don't remember parties like this when I was little....I think we got to play with mud and sticks...and there definitely wasn't specialized cup cakes....maybe in Iowa City, but certainly not in Britt, IA.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

She kind of gets it... again

So Todd returned home last night from a four day work trip. Veda was soooooo excited to see him and Ryan and I were soooooo excited she was in good spirits -- focusing her attention on Dad so we had a break. Todd took her for her bath and she decided that she wanted to perform on her potty for praise and attention. Clearly she understands the purpose of the potty, she generally just doesn't show interest in it and we don't push. So after cheers, high fives and knuckles for peeing in her potty... we put her in the tub.

I have a theory about what happened next and it's not that it was an accident. I think Veda was feeling so proud about her accomplishment that she decided she would top it. Yes - she delivered a category five poop in the tub. After the reaction she got from us for this performance (mass hysteria) I'm sure we left her totally confused about this potty thing. I hope we haven't scared her away from ever using the bathroom for number 2!

Again... I will note we are not potty training. The potty is there in the bathroom if she wants to use it but we really haven't even talked about it lately.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random fun for a rainy afternoon

Cutie Patootie

This came in the mail from Aunt Darlene. Perfect for when Veda plays in her water table (no more kitchen towels held together with chip clips). Veda wouldn't let me take it off for the rest of the day! She kept checking herself out in the mirror. She's such a princess.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Toes Toes Toes

Veda has a foot fetish. My hands have been full with Adele so when she wants to snuggle she just holds on to my toes. If my feet are on the ground she will get down on the ground and lay her head on my feet. I wiggle them and she laughs.

Adele Ryan meets her Namesake

Uncle Ryan arrived from Japan on Friday morning and will be staying with us for 10 days. The girls warmed up to him quickly and I'm appreciating the extra help... when he's not fighting jet lag!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to YOU? (but what about me?)


Today we went to Veda's baby sitter to join in the birthday celebration for her daughter Ella (one of Veda's little buddies)....Lots of activities, pretty much the ultimate 2 year old birthday party...complete with a jolly jumper, parachute, swings, sandbox, bubbles, and a pinata.  When it came time for birthday cake, Jen put some candles in Ella's cake and everyone sang Happy Birthday...after that was over, Veda grabbed Ella's candles and put them in her cake and basically requested that we all sing Happy Birthday for was quite entertaining to watch her try and sing to herself...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Saga Continues...

Another appointment with the Urologist this morning. Apparently the scan I had last week shows either a stone or a calcium deposit outside the urinary tract. He can't tell which it is because the area of the Ureter where the stone might be can't be seen in the scan so the stone is either in the Ureter or it's a calcium deposit just outside and parallell to the Ureter. Make sense? Took me a while to have him translate all this into English from his Dr. speak. He doesn't want to expose me to additional radiation (I've had 4 CT scans in the past 13 months) so he scheduled a bladder ultrasound for next week. If it confirms that a stone is present in the Ureter then surgery will be the week after. For those of you who wanted to know;))) Oddly enough I couldn't find an image of the female anatomy that showed kideney stones...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Little Helper

The other day I was nursing Adele and I had my breastpad sitting on the arm of the chair. Veda came over and picked it up and laid it on Adele's head. "Hat", she proclaimed proudly.

I've been asking Veda to help me bathe and change Adele. After changing a diaper I handed it to Veda and asked her to take it to the trash. To my surprise she ran to the kitchen. I thought wow, she gets it. Then I heard the bathroom door slam shut. I went to investigate and found the diaper floating in the toilet. I guess she kind of gets it.

Auntie Megan is in the house

Megan came up for the weekend and has been an A+ helper. She made us an amazing dinner and has been spoiling us rotten!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Girl Who Called Wolf

I guess I put on a good show because I had surgery scheduled for tomorrow before my Dr. even took a look at the cat scan results. I finally got on the phone with him at 5 tonight and determined my surgery for tomorrow had been cancelled because there are no stones!!! I couldn't believe it - I must have passed it and the diagnosis is a kidney infection. I'm on antibiotics now and hopefully relief is on the way.

Grandma Didie left today and we are sad and lonely. I was hoping my surgery would be a good excuse to get my Mom back to California to take care of all of us but I guess an infection doesn't warrant a plane ticket. Good thing Auntie Megan is on her way up from San Diego tomorrow to help out!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

American Idol

Unfortuantely, Kathy was not able to attend tonight's American Idol.  Probably a good idea considering we "stood" in line for about 5 hours before getting into the show.  We ended up in the standing area at the base of the stage.  I was standing about 3 ft. away from Randy "Dawg" Jackson and about 4 feet in front of Big Mike's wife (the one crying at the end of the show).  I did get a couple cameos on screen (during Rhianna's performance) as we watched the show, probably none that were huge enough that you could spot me with out looking...All in all, it was worth the wait.  BTW, lots of great people watching (not sure I want to be associated with that group)...and lots of very interesting signs that got into the show, such as "Cougars for Casey", complete with a picture of a mountain lion and lots of glitter...awesome!

Pitty Party

So I have good reason to feel sorry for myself... it's called a kidney stone and it stinks. I started passing this stone last week when my parents were still here. My urologist said we would just wait it out and see what happens... well after eight hours of unbearable pain last night I'm taking agressive action. I have an appointment for first thing tomorrow and I'm not leaving until he promises me surgery! I can't deliver a stone and take care of two kids. Side note... my little stone also kept me home from American Idol today. Todd went on without me but I am just too uncomfortable to go... now I bet you all feel sorry for me too. boo hoo. At least I have my new little bundle of joy to remind me that the pain is worth it.