Monday, August 30, 2010

Nose, Nose, Nose!

OK, maybe you had to be here...but this was scary/frickin hilarious...luckily Kathy was quick with the Flip camera as I was performing minor surgery...and the best part...the special treat at the end!  For the record, it was 100% up there, if you looked really closely, you could see the end of the macaroni, which perfectly filled up her entire nose.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dad's been voted off the island!

Since Veda's been sick over the last week, she's been getting a lot of extra attention from Mom.  Apparently both Adele and I are competing to take her mom time away.  So, her latest trick is to scream "No, Dad, my mommy!" and try to push me away.  Today I was not allowed to walk outside...only mommy could walk outside to play (see picture above).  When she woke up from her nap today, she came and gave me a hug, but immediately followed it with "where's mommy" and proceeded to have an attack, until her mommy got home.  Her best one liner of the weekend, was "No, Mommy, put Baby Dell down, you sit with Veda.....that's Daddy's Baby, I'm Mommies Veda". 

Smiling Baby...

Just some funny picks of Adele in the crib the other day.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Favorite Things

I haven't done a favorite things post in some time. Don't get too excited... I'm not Oprah or Ellen, you aren't getting free stuff.

This little project even got a sick kid to have fun! Washes right off!

This idea was brought to us by My So Called Life. She didn't have as much success. Right now Veda is having an aversion to the tub so letting her color the water is the only thing I can do to get her to take her bath.
I had never heard of Jafra but a friend of mine introduced me to their baby shampoo. It is heavenly. Just want to bury my face in Veda's hair.
This is especially handy on long flights without the kids. Not that this happens very often but when it does I can get lots done at 35,000 feet. I can't believe it took them so long to get this figured out but I love it!
Korean Seaweed paper. I was introduced to this in Tokyo last year. Now Trader Joe's has it and it's just as yummy as I remember it. 60 calories per package - low sodium - and all the vitamin C you need. Maybe this little treat is what has kept me from catching whatever Veda has had all week. Veda likes it too!
I have this bag ( in a different pattern. It is the perfect size for this working mom's busy life. I use it as a computer bag and have been able to pack in everything I need for an overnight work trip - so I can leave the rollerbag at home!

Friday, August 27, 2010

First Bites

If eating were an olympic sport, miss Adele would not win a medal. She probably wouldn't make the team;) She certainly seemed interested but not sure we are quite ready for this. Will try again later this week.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Quit!!!!!!!

No - not my job;) I Quit this week. I am going to declare it over and move on to next week. I'm even willing to skip the weekend if it means I can be alone at home without a sick kid. I have TOO much to do!! Another trip to the Dr. this afternoon. Veda had a bad day and seemed to be at her worst even after our trip to the ER the other night. Diagnosis - just plain old Croup.

She had a fever of 102.2 this afternoon. Nurse Martha used the forehead thermometer which gave a read of only 100. We both agreed that she felt warmer so she went to the ear which read 102.2. She said for the most accurate read we could do a rectal - see - I told you people!! Ha ha. We passed on it this time but Veda did end up with another supository to bring the fever down and another steroid shot.

Baby Giggles


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Milestone Moment

Soooo... for all of you who made fun of my rectal thermometer... I will have you know that the professionals at the ER last night used the same tecnique - so there! Yes - I said ER. I put Veda down to bed early last night and 30 minutes later I heard her over the monitor gasping for air. By the time I got to her she was having a massive freak out and could not catch a breath. She eventually started throwing up on me because she was trying so hard to breathe. To the ER we go! Of course Todd was out of town which made this all the more enjoyable. Good thing Uncle Ry is still in town so he could pull Adele duty.

After a couple hours on the mist machine, tylenol supository to get the fever down (yes another rectal injection;) and a steroid shot - we were good to go. She was a crowd favorite in the ER. On her best behavior she was quick to thank everyone who assisted her and when the ER tech gave her the shot he thanked her for being a good girl - she sobbed "your welcome, your welcome." I tried to drop her off at daycare today but she freaked out so I brought her home and she crashed. Slept most of the day and is on the mend.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

Come home soon. We miss you. XO - Your Girls!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nothing a little trip to McDonald's (and BK) won't cure....

I decided to give Kathy a 30 min break today and take Veda for a car ride (I know, nice, right!).  On the way to Blockbuster, we swung through McD's to get her favorite Berry Smoothie (and a Mushroom & Swiss Angus snack wrap for Kathy - which she swears is the greatest invention since garage sales).  Veda scarfed the smoothie and next we went for a quick jog around the movie store.  On the sidewalk Veda broke down, screaming "HAPPY MEEEE"...I assumed she wanted the rest of her smoothie, so I grabbed the rest from the car....well, come to find out, she assumed Kathy's snack wrap was HER happy meal!  So, I broke down and drove through Burger King to get Veda her own hamburger "BK Kid's Meal" - never knew they had happy meals?  The rest of the way home she continued to thank me..."Thank you Daddy...Mmm, yummy, peekles", etc, etc.  I think she's feeling better?

Rotten Day

Todd and I went to dinner last night to celebrate his upcoming birthday (Tuesday). We got a late start. As we were leaving I noticed Veda was a little warm and then with in a matter of minutes she seemed really really hot. I called Todd to the bedroom so we could perform the temperature taking ritual. Diaper off - insert thermometer - wait FOREVER for the reading to climb while Veda sobs. We finally gave up at 101 and vowed to get a REAL thermometer today. She eventually fell to sleep so we could leave to grab a quick bite in Westlake.

It was a long day. She wouldn't eat or drink anything so we spent the morning employing our best trickery. We finally got her medicine down by injecting it in a juice box with a syringe. We let her eat jello with her hands while I pushed her around in the BOB. We managed to break the fever but it's on its way back. Probably another restless night ahead. At least we have the quick read, ear reading thermometer now;)!! Worth every penny.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Anniversary Nana and Bull

We love you!

My Finds

I'm going to rename Saturday - Steal Day! You all know I love a good deal... to my benefit... a neighbor was having a poorly advertised garage sale this morning. She has a 7 year old daughter and was unloading gobs of clothes, toys, games and books for young girls. I found this Dora trio of games - unopened for $3! This one is going to Daycare. I also found a pair of Betula Sandals - never worn - they start at $30 new online. This cuter than cute shirt and Gap jacket - also in perfect condition.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Snooky who?

Having Ryan visit is always an experience. He doesn't own a TV and is a little behind on pop culture. His favorite guilty pleasure is the Bachelor series. It's hilarious to hear Ryan and Todd debating the merits of the contestants. We haven't introduced him to Jersery Shore yet but he was reading this mag the other day and asked who "this Snooky person is"? I recently won some tickets to a John Mayer concert in Hartford, CT. Wierd but true... so I passed them on to Ryan to use himself or give to a friend. He had no idea who John Mayer was and said he couldn't talk any of his friends into taking the tickets. We obviously run in different circles. I guess this is how he made it to be a PhD student at Yale... he doesn't fill his head with all the crap we do;))

Baby Doll

Loving this dress from Andrea, Byron and Liam!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Spa Day

Jenn added a little hot water in these tubs and the girls partied all day - Burke Williams style;)

The Girls

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Roll Call

I've made a habit of making sure someone knows they are in charge of child A or B when leaving the area. This generally annoys Todd as it seems obvious that if I go upstairs he would be in charge of the kids that are in the same room as he is. Well having Ryan around has caused a little confusion. There have been three instances of escape this week and all because one of us thought the other was with child A or B.

Case I. Last night the cousins came to dinner. We were all outside with the kids when I went inside to make a bottle for Adele. Todd assumed Veda was with me inside and I assumed she was playing with the other kids outside. A friendly neighbor found her wandering down the street and brought her home.

Case II. Ryan and I were at Trader Joe's the other day picking up supplies for the party. We were debating on the taste of heirloom tomatoes vs. sweet plum cherry tomatoes when we realized that Adele was not with us. As insane as it seems -- we left her in Dairy while we headed on to produce. She was snoozing away with my purse. Ryan swears he would have left the grocery store altogether as he had forgotten she was with us - and at that point he was in charge of her!

Case III. We were at the mall tonight and Veda was playing in the Germnasium. We were laughing because we witnessed a couple little ones making a run for it and watching their parents try to catch up with them as they exited the play area. Then we realized... Veda was nowhere to be seen. We were so focused on the other kids we didn't see her make her great escape - we assumed the other had her on their radar. She was standing about 100 yards away near the Coffee Bean (with no shoes) spinning in circles trying to find me - moments from tears.

Really - if they invented a tracking device for kids I would pay a fortunate for it. Maybe that's my million dollar idea. That and resturant highchairs that you can legally use as carseat stands.

Where's My Parenting Award?

So with all the excitement in getting ready for the birthday party I forgot to put sunscreen on Miss V in preparation for hours in the California sun. Whoops.

The second photo was taken at 10:30 at night Sunday. Not only is she up WAY past her bedtime watching movies... but also eating popcorn. I went online to read about popcorn and age appropriateness for children. I hope she enjoyed it because she's not getting popcorn for a long time after all the choaking stories I read.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Baby Beard

Highlights from our trip to Clear Lake a few weeks ago where Uncle "Kiss" found a friend for V to hang out with....This is Veda spotting a baby bird (or a "BaBy BeArD" as she calls it). (Click the highlighted link).



Veda is totally occupied with all her new birthday presents which makes Mom very very happy.

Uncle Kiss?

No... It's Uncle Ryan. Veda has Uncle confusion. She goes back and forth calling Ry Uncle Ryan and Uncle Kiss. Yesterday Ryan handed her a Happy Meal and said, "Now who's your favorite Uncle?" To which she screamed with excitement, "Uncle Kiss!!!!" By weeks end Ryan hopes to have her on the Ry side so when Uncle Chris sees her in a couple weeks he'll be fighting to get his position back.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's All About the Cake...

So the party was a big success. We didn't really get any action shots of the pool but we had lots of toys and inflatable rafts for the kiddies and it was fun had by all. We had the entire place to ourselves. Of course I am most proud of my LadyBug production. Five minutes before the party started Veda took a knife to the cake. Luckily we were able to hide the carnage with the landscaping which somehow looks intentional. After we had cleaned up we were headed home to unwrap presents with the Soffins. Veda was sitting in a chair and refused to come to terms with the fact that her party had ended - not even the promise of presents would sway her. No Daddy - No Go!!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Two Years and One Day

Veda had a big day. First thing in the morning I gave her her present from Mom and Dad... Fingernail Polish!!! She sat patiently while I painted each of her toes and then finger nails. Then I treated her to a smoothie at McDonalds.... "Donalds Ice Sream." THEN we went to daycare -- we brought Rice Krispie birthday treats with pink sprinkles. Veda peed in the potty twice at daycare - just for fun. Todd came home early and we took her the Tepan grill. Todd was able to snap a photo just as the Wasabi made it to her mouth. We didn't catch it in time and it didn't go over well. The staff at the resturant thought she was choaking - she was crying and clawing at her mouth - poor thing but she recovered eventually. Our Mexican Habachi Chef told her not to eat the Guacamole;) Then they brought her a "punkin" for her birthday and sang to her. She even got to wear the dirty bunny hat - which was cute but really really gross. Overall - day was a success.

I went to get Uncle Ryan at the airport after Veda went to bed so she was super excited to see him when he came in this morning and brought her presents;)!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Veda - WE LOVE YOU!!

Exactly this time two years ago I was getting ready for my epidural. Waiting impatiently as the anesthesiologist worked his way to my room. I will always remember Veda's birthday as the best day of my life. The day that we realized how much love and happiness we would have in our lives.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

Top Gun

We went to the airshow at Port Hueneme on Sunday with BJ, Melissa and the kids. I knew the jets would be too loud for Adele's delicate ears so we left her at home with the babysitter. It was loud enough that Veda allowed me to put wax earplugs in her ears... never thought that was going to happen. She was excited about the Thunderbird fighter jets for about 5 minutes but the real party was playing in the dirt with Savannah.

Handy Manny

We realized the other day that our toilet has been leaking... probably for months. Todd took it apart and was in the process of reassembling with the screwdriver when Veda asked "Dada doing?" to which Todd replied, "I'm fixing the toilet." She then brought him the plunger and said "Here you go Daddy, Veda help."

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Two Two Two

Veda is super excited about her birthday party next weekend. Perfect that her favorite number is 2! She has mastered the 2 finger peace sign in response to "how old are you?" and she has demanded that there be presents, balloons and most of all... birthday cake! So... I'm going Ace of Cakes style and making a ladybug (fondant and all). I've arranged for extra babysitting this week as I'm sure this project will require my undivided attention.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ugh Dell - Give Mamma a Break!

So Dell (Veda's name for Baby Sister) started rolling over about a month ago. Back to front. She can't get front to back which is clearly the easier manuever. So... this is how it goes. We started her in her crib when we got back from Iowa. Bed around 10 and she starts stirring around Midnight or 1am. She rolls slightly to the left and flips over in her sleep. It's sleep rolling. It's like she doesn't even have a left arm. Then once she realizes she's laying on her face she wakes up and starts screaming. It has happened twice that I went in to check on her and she was laying on her face and didn't wake up. Scared the shoelaces out of me. This goes on every couple of hours all night. Sooooooo.... we are back to the bassinet and the positioner. I'm about ready to tie her down. Mama needs her sleep.

Friday, August 6, 2010


Todd was at an awards outing yesterday in Hollywood and he won a box of Crate and Barrel wine glasses. Veda gasped when she saw them and very dramatically said "Oh my Gosh, Pretty".


The report from daycare this morning was that Veda is an Ace at Bingo. She was able to identify all the pictures on her board. I'm not surprised given her sudden improvement in speach. She is talking up a storm. Yesterday she got mad at me for turning off where we were playing the toddler games. She said "Daddy, pay Mommy puter pleeeeeeeeease!". There are a few things she says that crack me up so I just don't even bother correcting her like, "Mickey House and ErnieBurd". I STILL can't get her to identify colors though... everything is still Green... and an occasional Purple (because it's fun to say I think). She is getting good with her counting but always starts with 2. She can count from 2 to 6 very clearly. Seven is a bit iffy. I always start with "one" and she responds starting with "two". I can't get her to start with me so I guess I should start at "zero"... now look who's smarter than a 2 year old;)