Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blueberry Temper Tantrum

Lots of Veda temper tantrums lately.  Today Veda wanted the "whole crate of blueberries", not just one.  "Mommy, the blueberries feelings are hurt and now they are going to die!"  There was no reasoning at this point, temper tantrum pursued and then we went to timeout. 

Watch the "calming" tactic...deep breaths at the end of the tantrum (she definitely learned that in school - mom & dad don't calm down that easily).


Our morning drive to breakfast inspired the boys to hike one of the popular trails in Point Mugu State Park near Malibu.

Morning in Paradise

Our friend Todd Nickell is in town so we brought him to one of our favorite spots for breakfast. Unfortunatley we missed the photo opp when Veda ended up in the freezing water with all her clothes on. She was chasing the birds and not watching the waves!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2 mo and 4 days...

The countdown has begun. My lovely friends Nicole and Kim are coming to visit. I am one lucky girl. I have 2 mo and 4 days to plan the perfect girls weekend in LA. Recommendations welcome! Happy Birthday Kimmy!

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Party Crashers

Kathy had to do a little work trip to AZ today through tomorrow, so dad's in charge! The day was set up to be mellow compared to the last two days of high energy birthday parties.  I took the girls over to the park about 11am and we found a nice little 2 year old birthday part to crash. We did a pretty good job avoiding the "limbo" games, the pizza party and even the pinata, but when Elmo showed up, it was game keeping Veda from that.  "Dad, he's my favorite, can I touch him?"  Sure...
Veda hugging Elmo..."never letting go" 
Dancing with Elmo..."Veda, let the other kids play too"
Playing games with Elmo....Birthday Girls Dad - "Who's that girl?"

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The "Fever"

While pulling at the freezer door Veda yells, "Mom I need my fever."
Me: Your What?
Veda: My fever Mom - please open the door!
I do and she grabs her Curious George ice pack. I then realize that she is calling the ice pack "fever" since we always break it out when she has a fever.
She then pulls down her tights and puts it on her butt.
Me: Veda WHAT are you doing??????
Veda: My fever makes my "button" feel better.
I think she is constipated....


Another birthday party today. Teaguen turned 5 and we celebrated with pirate magicians, bunnies, more balloon animals and a pinata. I loved Veda's bunt when it was her turn at the pinata... she just kind of pushed it out of the way with the stick. Oh Veda.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Flying Kites

Expert Kite designer.

Mom dressed me.

Mom, showing how it's done.

Run Forest, Run!

Birthday Party in Malibu

Today we took Veda and Adele to a birthday party for a co-worker's 3 yr. old son.  It was down at Malibu Bluffs Park and luckily we had some pretty good weather during the party.  It was a kite themed party, so after the clown and lunch, everyone got to fly a kite. Right on cue, as the party ended, it started pouring rain. Veda was a lot more interested in the bulldog she spotted than flying kites, regardless, everyone had a great time.

Mmmm, yummy cake.
Clown, make me a bicycle.

Bedtime for Bongo.

Saturday Dell and her new shoes

He he he

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Here we go again!

I spent Tuesday evening at Urgent Care with Baby Dell. She has another ear infection. Dr. said that one more in the next 6 weeks and she gets tubes - please no!! She is also sick (threw all up over our clean sheets on our bed last night) and now she's passed it on to me. I just HOPE I get over this before my work trip to AZ on Monday.

Veda had her 2.5 year check-up this week. She is still off the charts at 97% across the board. The Dr. was super impressed with her language and couldn't believe she was talking to him in full sentences. She had to have one shot and it took all my strength to hold her down - sad but she got over it quickly with the mention of lollipops and stickers.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Free Rides

Adele crawled under the table while Todd was working and took a seat on his feet;)

Chef Todd

Todd broke out the wire skewers that Nonnie and Bull got him for xmas. An excellent tool to have in your arsenal.

Valentines Day at School

Thanks for the pics - Miss Michelle

Daddy's Friends

Keegan and Dave were over for dinner Sat night (and slept here because they had about 20 too many cocktails). Veda has been asking ever since where Daddy's friends went. She keeps asking if Keegan is going home on an airplane to see his Mommy.

Happy Valentines Day!

Veda gets to wear her tutu to school today in honor of the big day. I discovered little Dell has enough hair for bows... but she thinks they taste better in her mouth than on her head. Thanks Didi and Papi, Ownen, and Nonnie and Bull for all the valentines gifts! Over the top! I'll post pics later of Veda and her loot.