Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fun at Didi and Papi's House

This past week I took Veda and Adele up to Clear Lake, while Kathy went on a work trip to Chicago for 4 days (Winston stayed back with Grandma and Grandpa Sayre).  

Saturday night started with a holiday party for the South Shore Inn and The Landing.  Veda was content watching a movie during the festivities, but Adele hammed it up at the party.  Walking around to everyone at the party, asking, "can I have some more soda."  At least it was Sprite Zero so she didn't go into a sugar coma...never the less, she danced the night away and strolled around in her jammies till about 10pm.
Sunday night we headed down to Ames for dinner and an ISU basketball game.  We hit up an old favorite of the Laabs family, Hickory Park, where Veda and Adele enjoyed their famous ice cream.  After that, we headed over to Hilton Coliseum for the girls to experience their first Iowa State BBall game and a token picture with Cy (sure to make Kathy happy!)

Thanks again for a great couple days in Clear Lake!

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