Thursday, May 31, 2012

Conversations with Veda...

Dad:    "Veda, what are you doing?"
Veda:  "Just playing with my belly button"
Dad:    "Oh..."
Veda:  "My belly button is a long cord that keeps all my bones inside my body.  If you don't have bones, then you can't run, jump and skip"
Veda:  "Dad, look at my muscle (flexing her arm)...see, that muscle protects my bones...from wild animals attacks...grrrrr..."
Dad:    "hmm"

Maiden Voyage

At the special request of Veda, Gary had them put in the new pontoon boat. It was a little windy but this thing is so big (it seats 22!) that it could handle the waves. Tom brought the celebratory beverage;) Looking forward to summer fun on the boat!

Crossing Lines

Owen and Adele were having too much fun with their fishing poles. Surprisingly they remained calm while Didi came to the rescue and got them untangled.

Iowa City Favorites

We spent Memorial Day Weekend at the lake with a stopover in Iowa City for the night. We introduced the kids to breakfast at Hamburg Inn. They got to enjoy the playground at the library and a trip to the Museum of Natural History at the UI while Mom and Dad had conference calls. Veda has decided she wants a whale themed birthday after seeing a giant one hanging from the ceiling at the museum. We even ran into one of our fellow Mommy Bloggers Erin J-K and her herd;)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Four Months

85% height at 26.5 inches, 58% weight at 15.1 lbs, and 50% head circumference and a HAPPY boy who is growing too attached to his Mommy;)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Questions from Veda

"Hey dad, when I get bigger, can I stand up and pee? Is it because I'm a little kid? Derek (from school) knows how to stand up and pee."

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Birfday Dear Owie...

Our celebration was pretty casual... cupcakes here and there... presents whenever we needed a distraction but everyone loved the party hats... except the party boy;)

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Veda's new favorite place to eat is the "cooking show".

A Visit with Old and New Friends

When we were in Iowa for Easter my good friend Betsi was in town visiting her parents as well so we stopped by for a playdate and some of Pat's homemade cinammon rolls.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Veda's Dictionary

"When you only can bring one toy with you to Iowa."

"How I feel when I can only bring two toys with me to Iowa."

I think someone did not get enough sleep at school today... or she's been sniffing glue.

She takes after Todd


A couple of pictures of Veda and her friends Drew, Morgan and Ella from our trip to California in March.


I braved the school picnic Thursday night when Todd was out of town and Adele was sporting a double ear infection. Of course the girls wanted to eat their dinner in the "pirate ship". So I had to trudge through the mulch with an umbrella stroller and three plates of food. I got lots of sad looks and we didn't stay very long.

Monday, May 21, 2012

How Time Flew... Look Who's Two!

Love you cousin Owie! Happy Birthday!

We Bought a Zoo... Membership

We hit up the zoo Saturday morning. We didn't last long because poor Winston was melting in his stroller. The highlight... a visit from Barney who performed at the amphitheatre.

Beating the Heat

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Picture Day

The girls had picture day at school this week. Todd was out of town so it was an extra special challenge to get the girls ready in the morning and make sure they didn't destroy their hair and clothing before we even got in the car. When I went to get Adele I was informed that she decided that she wasn't going to cooperate and they couldn't get her picture taken... disappointing. She was all smiles (and covered in ketchup) when we got home though.

Rag Doll Couture

My Mom has picked up a new hobby. She has been making these dolls during every waking moment of free time she has;) The girls each got one and they will be a treasured gift for all time. I'm going to have Mom make a couple outfits from the girls' baby clothes too! LOVE THESE!

Teacher Appreciation

The girls made these gifts for their teachers last week for Teacher Appreciation Week. They were a big hit;)! We love Ms. Meghan, Ms, Sarah, Ms. Veruska and Ms. Kathleen!

Monday, May 14, 2012

South Shore Inn and The Landing

A few pics Todd took while we were back this weekend. Construction on the patio grill and bar continues. The views are amazing! Gary, Diane and Todd have put a lot of work into this place. It will be awhile before everything is up and going smoothly but we are really excited about this being the new hot spot on Clear Lake and we hope you all get a chance to visit! We can't wait to share the menu with you once everything is finalized. If you haven't liked our page on Facebook yet please do - you can follow progress from there.

City Girl meets Tractor

For many of our blog readers this probably doesn't seem like a big deal but for us (Me and the kids) it's a really big deal. While Todd and I were enjoying date night Friday, Papi and Veda were having a date of their own. Veda was pretty excited to help plant the field with Papi's friend. I asked Veda what they talked about while they were planting and she said Movies and Food.

Happy 60th!

In addition to celebrating Mother's Day yesterday Didi got to ring in another birthday year. Eight years ago yesterday Todd and I were stranded at a shady hotel outside Heathrow Airport near London. Our flight was cancelled and Todd called to wish his Mom a happy birthday from a toll booth and let her know that we wouldn't be making it home in time to walk the stage for our graution from the MBA program. We were only classmates back then. Never would have guessed his Mom would be Grandmother to MY three kids 8 years later!
We headed to the lake this weekend to help with the resturant and hotel. Happy we got to spend some time with Didi for her birthday. We'll be back soon...!