Friday, December 28, 2012

Sledding at Browndale Park

Veda's first official trip sledding in Minneapolis with our friends Johnny and Erica.  Mom had to stay home while Winston and Adele napped.  Veda was a trooper...first trip down was REALLY fast and she did a bit of a face plant at the bottom of the hill.  Eventually we found a hill that suited us well.

And (possibly) Veda's favorite part, the 'Warming House' where they had a fireplace and sold hot chocolate.  Awesome to see so many kids skating and playing hockey...only in Minnesota.

Laabs Christmas

Here is a little recap of Christmas day gifts and shenanigans at Didi and Papi's house in Clear Lake.

 Grandpa Gary 'gift-wrapping' Veda on Christmas Eve
 Winston in his Sunday best.
 Winston with his new farm toys, circa 1980 (from Todd's collection).
 Veda & Adele's horses.
 Grooming of the horse.

Christmas Eve Hike on Clear Lake

We spent the days leading up to Christmas in Clear Lake.  Fortunately, we had a nice, snowy Christmas Eve day, perfect for taking a little hike out to the island near my parents house.  Veda and Adele were able to make snow angels on the ice on the lake and Winston got to tag along in the wagon.

Merry Christmas...

a few days late.  This year we opted for a shot of Winston and the girls from the inside of the PODS unit that we spent several weeks packing.  It also showcases Winston's killer dance moves and his love of clapping.  Hope all our friends and family had a great Christmas and look forward to a great 2013!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Miss you!

Todd just met my parents in Waterloo to pick up Winston. He has been with them in Iowa City for a week now. They offered to take him so we could get settled in the new house in Minneapolis and then a winter storm came through. The roads have been covered in snow and ice so we haven't been able to get him until today. I'm sure he's going to miss them a lot but I can't wait to snuggle him. Good thing we are closer now and they can come visit whenever they want!

Gingerbread House 2012

While we were in Ohio packing the house, Nana was keeping the kids busy with this project. By the looks of it she did most of the construction work while Adele was happy to eat away at the roof and garden.

Alien Hats

Pipe cleaners and a strainer make for a fun afternoon project. When you are wearing the hat you have to speak "Alien".

December in Iowa

Water Tables can be fun in the winter too. We went to the Asian market and bought a 20lb bag of rice. Hours of fun!

Christmas in Iowa City

 We had an early xmas in Iowa City due to the move to Minneapolis this week. We missed not having Ryan there. He's living in Japan and was unable to join us this year.
 Veda was thrilled that Santa got her letter and her request for a Raggedy Ann doll.
Oops. Santa left part of his cookie and Winston was quick to the plate (pun intended).

In honor of my brother my Mom tried to recreate one of his traditional wrapping masterpieces. We decided they were a little too pretty but we hope he appreciates the effort.

 Thanks Aunt Kathy!

Bull and Winston bonding!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hudson's Baptism

A little late on the post but on Dec 2nd we were honored to be the sponsors of the little man on his big day. He was a champ. He smiled through the whole thing and I couldn't quit smiling back. It was a special day and all the kids did a great job sitting through church.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cleaning Mom's Car

Didi started a new trend for the Laabs household...Veda cleaning our car.  She seemed to really enjoy putting Armor All on the dash and cleaning windows...hey, we'll take it.

Fun at Didi and Papi's House

This past week I took Veda and Adele up to Clear Lake, while Kathy went on a work trip to Chicago for 4 days (Winston stayed back with Grandma and Grandpa Sayre).  

Saturday night started with a holiday party for the South Shore Inn and The Landing.  Veda was content watching a movie during the festivities, but Adele hammed it up at the party.  Walking around to everyone at the party, asking, "can I have some more soda."  At least it was Sprite Zero so she didn't go into a sugar coma...never the less, she danced the night away and strolled around in her jammies till about 10pm.
Sunday night we headed down to Ames for dinner and an ISU basketball game.  We hit up an old favorite of the Laabs family, Hickory Park, where Veda and Adele enjoyed their famous ice cream.  After that, we headed over to Hilton Coliseum for the girls to experience their first Iowa State BBall game and a token picture with Cy (sure to make Kathy happy!)

Thanks again for a great couple days in Clear Lake!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Missing Compass

Ms Kathleen and Ms Veruska

The girls have been out of school since Nov 21st. They are getting a bit stir crazy. Even Adele is asking if she can go to school and she use to kick and scream in protest. I think they are missing their awesome teachers. I know I am. Can't wait to get settled in Minnapolis and get them started up again!

Favorite Places

 This was Winston's favorite place this summer. He would move from window to window watching Dad mow the lawn.
Unfortunately this is now his favorite place. He is destined to be a basketball player. He keeps finding random things around the house and dumping them in the "hole". I found one of Veda's shoes and a plastic bag full of pacifiers in there the other day.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Bouncer

So, Veda and I were pretend fighting/wrestling on the ground today.  Adele came over and jumped on top of me...I asked her, are you the bouncer?

Veda: "What's a Bouncer"
Dad: "A Bouncer breaks up fights at bars"
Veda: "Huh, maybe Grandpa Gary can be a Bouncer...he doesn't have a job and he goes to the bar a lot"
A Classic - Patrick Swayze in "Roadhouse"

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hudson Baptism

This weekend we celebrated baby Hudson Ehlers baptism in Madison.  Congrats on your big day little buddy!