Monday, January 28, 2013

Don't Worry, My Dad is a Doctor

The other day, Kathy comes downstairs and says "I don't think I can take Veda to her class at 2pm today."  Why, I say..."because she just got a papercut on her eye and she says she can't see."  OK, let me handle this.  

OK Veda, I'm going to make a really big patch and put it over your eye.  This will keep it really dark and it won't hurt anymore.  "OK Dad."  So, I proceed to patch her eye.  Kathy walks in and says "I am not taking her to class looking like that."  

Kid Translation: I tell Veda that her eye patch can only stay on for 30 min, at which point, her eye needs get fresh air for 2 hrs and at the end of 2 hrs, you can put it back on for the rest of the night.  

Parent Translation:  It will take mom 30 min to get to your class, at that point, you have to take the patch off so your mom isn't embarrassed.  After class, when you get back in the car, you are free to look however ridiculous you want.  Success!

First Big Snow of 2013

Mostly eating snow and making snow angels.  Winston didn't even mind that he couldn't just meant he was that much closer to the snow (to eat it).  

Party in Iowa City

The annual Iowa City Christmas rare form at 8:30pm...


I'm hiding from my sisters...and just minding my own business.

Things I Do When Mom Isn't Home....

I climb chairs (to get over fences), I stack clothes baskets and then jump up and down on them...and dad lets me drink beer from a frosty mug...

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dad's Speakers

Veda: "Dad, what are you doing?"
Todd: "I'm cleaning up my speakers so I can sell them"
Veda: "Why are you selling them, don't you like them anymore?"
Todd: "Yes, I actually like them quite a bit, but mom is making me sell them"
Veda: "I have an idea, maybe you should find something that mom really likes, then sell it!"

Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy 1st Winston!

It was a pretty low-key day for the big guy. Lucky for him his sisters are master party planners. They both picked out gifts for Winston from the Target dollar bin. Adele got him cake sprinkles and Veda got him flower seeds. They colored paper and wrapped the gifts themselves.

Date Night!

Todd was out of town. Instead of cancelling our babysitter I had her come a little earlier. Veda and I went to paint pottery and then to Broders for dinner. Loved our time together and Adele loved having the babysitter to herself.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Rainy MSP

Just thought this was a cool pic of the Hennepin Ave bridge downtown Minneapolis (on a rainy January night)...more importantly, this was taken during our first official date night of 2013.

Sunglasses Shopping

Veda insisted that we needed to get Grandpa Gary sunglasses for his birthday (in January), so off we went to Target.  A couple pics of the girls modeling their favorite choices and one with the end result (a happy Grandpa with his new shades)...

Race Car Hotdogs Gone Wild

Veda and dad started making race car hotdogs (one of her favorite snacks), but it was just too much fun (for dad), so we turned it into a hotdog, laying on a swampy beach (the tortilla with bean sprouts), on a ham/cheese lawn chair, an american cheese cover up (or straight jacket) and a cucumber/pickle umbrella (to keep the sun off his head of course)...

Hot Jamz

What started as a fun little party trick, has now become a common occurrence for Winston.  He loves his mini 'jukebox' and carries it everywhere (his own little boombox).  He usually jams out to different tunes as he walks around the house...